A Quickie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Having amazing sex doesn’t have to take all night, but it also shouldn’t be something you haphazardly squeeze into a commercial break during The Big Bang Theory. Sure, quickies are, well, quick, but they can also be insanely hot, remember-it-for-days hookups. Manforce has rounded up seven positions to take your quickie from efficient to orgasm-inducing.


Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Sure fast and furious sex can be really hot, however, going nice and slow can be even better. Here are a few awesome sex positions Manforce suggest you try the next time you’re taking it slow.

Saucy Spoons

Lie on your side with her in front of you so you’re both facing the same direction. Grab her butt towards you as you enter her. Slowly put your hand on her belly and guide them to the clitoris. You can alternate between there and her breasts.


Sex games to spice up your lovemaking

Has your love life become “same ol, same ol”? Are you worried that your partner is bored?

If the answer is yes, you cannot afford to miss these ultimate games on spicing up your lovemaking from India’s biggest condom brand.


5 Reasons Why Doggy Style is Best

Indulging in sex is an awesome feeling especially when it’s your favourite position – “Doggy Style”. It’s not just versatile (considering the position of standing or kneeling), it comes with a pretty awesome view. Yes, you cannot just let go of ‘the view’ you get during that heated moment. Showing our utter love for this magnificent position, Manforce Condoms brings to you – 5 reasons why “Doggy Style” is every couple’s favourite position.