Buying Condoms

5 Ideas For Shy Men Who Hesitate In Buying Condoms

Dear shy men out there, do you know what’s more embarrassing than buying condoms? Cancelling a planned romantic night because you were too embarrassed to buy condoms! For some reason, this immensely populated country of ours makes us feel shy for trying to stop such rapid reproduction. But if not for your girlfriend or wife, do it for your country! Contribute your condom to the noble cause of slowing down our population by walking into a medical store, looking the chemist in the eye and saying… err… err…
Alas, no matter how much you motivate someone, there will always be those shy personas who will find it impossible to buy a condom indifferently. But fret not, for these ideas will help them conquer their fear:
• Buy at odd hours: Perhaps the most embarrassing part of the purchase is uttering the word ‘condom’ in front of ten different strangers at a store. So go at odd hours instead, when you might be the only customer.
• Buy at far-off stores: One of the biggest embarrassments for customers is asking for a condom from a chemist you visit regularly. Try buying from a store you are unlikely to visit again anytime soon.
• Ask a friend: Decide the type – flavoured condoms, dotted condoms, etc. – you want to buy on phone with a friend. Inside the store, hand over the phone to the chemist and let your friend ask about the different brands so it seems like he is the one making the purchase.
• Engage in your phone: Concentrate on your phone and avoid eye contact at all costs. Step inside the store, demand your choice, pay the price, and step out – all from behind your phone’s screen.
• Pay a middleman: To avoid the experience at all costs, bribe someone to make the purchase for you. A middleman does the needful while you stay away from the spotlight.
With so many condom manufacturers, one is literally spoilt for choices. But remember that condoms are about much more than flavour and texture – they are even more important for preventing pregnancy and STDs. So choose wisely, wear correctly, but first of all, buy proudly – or at least smartly.

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