9 Things Women Wish Men Would Know

Most of us think that it’s only the men who are looking for physical intimacy and women are only for the mushy stuff. This is a horrible misconception and India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce, is here to let all you bros know what your partner actually likes. This Women’s Day make it an awesome day for her and treat her like the queen that she is. Following these guidelines will definitely unlock the erotic side of any woman and help you score some brownie points!

Get her morning coffee in bed.

Who doesn’t like this? Am I right? How awesome is it when your partner gets you coffee in bed. But think about it, when was the last time you did that? Take the effort to get up a bit early and brew some amazing coffee and wake her up. Women, love to be pampered by their man, and nothing says pampering than coffee in bed. You never know, after you surprise her, you might be getting some pampering yourself!

When you’re shaving.

While we can’t exactly tell you why, there seems to be a large number of women who are extremely turned on by the sight of a guy shaving. Stock your medicine cabinet with the latest in men’s grooming and watch her go wild.

Wearing that cologne that is just oh-so-scintillating.

Ask any woman you know, and one of their top priorities while searching for a partner is that he shouldn’t be smelly (we guess this applies for the ladies as well). Find out which cologne she likes and make her go crazy!

Take charge.

Okay so here’s the deal, women love a man who takes charge, you know those alpha male-types, but there’s a fine line between taking charge and coming off as an ass. Yeah impress her with selecting the wine on date night, but don’t be the type that takes decision for her. In bed, though, you could blind-fold her and tie her up and try our amazing chocolate flavour condom! Just make sure, though, that she is comfortable with it.

Touching her when no one’s looking.

This one is one of the best things you can do to her to make her go gaga. Touching her at “inappropriate” places in a public place (when no one is looking) makes her feel special. Let her know that she’s in your thoughts even when she isn’t supposed to be there. It can be as simple as putting your hands on her legs and thighs when you’re eating at a restaurant or as risky as pinching her derriere at a family event. This is sure to get her going and when she is ready, open up a packet of our dotted condoms and make her scream like there’s no tomorrow.

A wink at a party.

You might be thinking, “Whoa. Hold on. Just a wink?” Yes, you read that correct. See when you wink at her from across the room, especially in a crowded place, what you’re saying is that despite so many people in the room, you’d be no one else but her. The key is to make her feel special.

Whispering sweet nothings at the movies.

So what if Salman bhai is showing off his ripped torso on the big screen, if you’re able to whisper a few things about what she means to you in her ear she will definitely not forget it later when you are alone with her.

When you’re a bit sweaty.

Okay let’s get this straight. A bit sweaty does not mean you don’t take a shower for 2 weeks. Sure it’ll drive her crazy, but not in a way you’d like. Work up a sweat by doing some chores or working out, it won’t just
benefit your sex life, but also your health. Add our fun strawberry flavoured condom to the mix and you’ll be blowing her mind out.

When you cook for her.

Definitely a big winner. It’s the end of the night, whether she’s just returned from work or you’re bringing her to your place, there’s not much that a woman likes more than the fact that her man can cook. Bring out the inner Gordon Ramsay in you and cook a dinner she’ll never forget and we guarantee you, she’ll give you a night you will never forget.
This Women’s Day make it all about her. Plan to make it up to her for all the wrongs that our gender has done to women. We have screwed up a lot and it is up to each and every man to do something about it.
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