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January 28th, 2021

3 Relationship Resolutions Couples Should Make for 2021

You have made it through 2020 as a couple or maybe you just started dating someone new and considering everything we are going through, that’s no small feat. So more power and love to you two! And, as we enter 2021, have you thought of things that you can improve on, as a couple? What do you need to leave behind? What to do in order to grow?

3 Relationship Resolutions Couples Should Make for 2021

When you talk about your goals together, then not only are you keeping a check on your relationship but at the same time setting up goalposts and building up a foundation for what’s to come - together and as individuals.

Below are three goals that couples must follow (or at least try to). New year, new us! 


Plan and Achieve Goals

You don’t have to be a power couple like Beyonce and Jay Z! However, when you come up with small and attainable goals, you will be a part of something that is just yours, and the thrill or rush you will get when you will achieve the goals- priceless. Maybe you want to save some money for your dream vacation, commit to making your own meal every week, or work towards a milestone within your professional career. You can do it all by creating a bucket list and one by one cross off things you achieve together.


More Intimacy

“After such a chaotic year, it is of paramount importance that you spend more time with each other.”
After such a chaotic year, it is of paramount importance that you spend more time with each other.

This past year was tough, right? Claps for every couple that made it alive, remote learning scars and all. Maybe last year you didn’t get enough time to spend with your partner or the fact that you were working from home, the work took most of your time. But not in 2021!

A simple peck on the cheek before and after work can become a norm, rekindle some of your physical passion by having sex or just making out more. But, in the heat of the moment don’t forget to use your Manforce condoms or you can even spice things up in bed by using flavored condoms.


No Smartphone

Less smartphone time = more of healthy conversation. It goes without saying that less smartphone time will be good for everyone but when you tackle it as a couple, it’s even more rewarding. Can you recall, how many times you have sat across from one another or on a couch without getting distracted by your phone? As much as we all are guilty of it, doesn’t mean it can’t change. As a rule, make your dinnertime or breakfast a no-phone zone. See what suits you and work on it!

When you will start working on these resolutions, it will leave you feeling more connected than ever before!

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