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Game of Pleasure
November 12th, 2018

4 Ways to have Sex in the Shower

You must have often fantasized having sex in the bathroom with water drizzling from the shower and streaming down your bodies. It is the intimate way that makes your bond strong and brings you closer to your partner.

4 Ways to have Sex in the Shower

Shower sex can be a great experience depending upon how differently you are doing it. 

Having sex in the shower is the most unpredictable experience. It can be sexy and exciting, but it can also be embarrassing and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Few wrong moves on a slippery surface can ruin your mood and land you in an awkward situation. However, there are some useful ways you can follow to make shower sex a more pleasurable experience:


Foam up your bodies

Sex is the final destination. Before that, you have to go through many frothy stages to spice up your mood. Lather each other with a soap or shower gel effusing good fragrances. Just hug each other and melt like a chocolate into each other’s arms. While hugging, use loofah on each other’s back and move gently in a rhythmic manner. Moving slippery bodies can trigger the beginning of a perfect innings.


Foreplay brings you closer to a great climax

“Enjoy wet kisses full of passionate fire.”
Enjoy wet kisses full of passionate fire.

After foaming up your bodies, run your hands over each other, moving towards special regions. Watch yourself naked in the mirror while playing sexually with each other. Show her the magic of fingering while kissing her passionately in the shower. The kisses will be wet yet full of passionate fire. This will arouse both of you for a better shower sex experience. Don’t forget to use pleasure condoms for enhanced sexual stimulation.


Towel can save you from an awkward situation

Having sex in the shower is exciting but there are chances of slipping while enjoying your perfect moments. Spread a towel on the floor to avoid any slippery accident while making out or having sex. A wet towel can give your knees and buttocks the support they require and also save you from the cold floor.

Explore the best positions

There is no universally best position to enjoy sex in the shower. The positions may vary depending upon your flexibility and the space in the bathroom. You may explore the ultimate game of pleasure where the woman bends on her knees and palms while the man stands behind the girl and starts thrusting into her. You can also try spanking as it may add a spicy twist to your sex recipe.

You can also explore wraparound position where the woman holds onto something in the shower while the man lifts her up and starts penetrating into her. The water running down your body during sex makes this position even sexier. It can work out very well if done properly as it requires considerable upper body strength.  

Make your sexual journey as smooth as silk with the best selling condoms in India like Manforce dotted condoms. Use these tips to enjoy your shower sex and make it an unforgettable experience.

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