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June 20th, 2018

5 ways to put the wow back into your sex life after marriage

The beginning of a new relationship is always fun and exciting. You are, after all, just getting to know each other and lovemaking is just oh-so-exhilarating as you get to discover each other’s body.

5 ways to put the wow back into your sex life after marriage

But, as anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship will tell you, the “honeymoon period” is not going to last forever.

As your relationship gets older, your lovemaking will start to feel dull. Many married couples find themselves stuck in a sexual rut over time.

However, it doesn’t have to stay this way. Trust India’s biggest condom brand when we say if you put in a bit of an effort, you can spice up your lovemaking and regain the flame that you thought was no more.

Here are a few ways to spice up your lovemaking.


Talk Fantasy

After being together for years, there might be very few things that you could do to surprise your partner in bed. However, many married couples do not share their deepest sexual fantasies.

Whether it’s because they’re worried about being judged or because they’re shy, you need to make sure that your partner and you should share a few fantasies with each other. Surprise your partner by fulfilling the fantasy and trust us, they’ll fulfill yours too! This will also help you guys get closer. You could also dabble in some exciting role playing. The sky’s the limit.


New Location

“Always doing “it” on the bed is boring. So, the next time you want to be “intimate”, take it to someplace else.”
Always doing “it” on the bed is boring. So, the next time you want to be “intimate”, take it to someplace else.

From your car to the shower or even your lawn, the more creative you are, the more exciting things will be. Make use of the places in your house, you could surprise her by starting the foreplay in the kitchen, the living room or the stairs and end it before you can reach the bedroom. Stretch your own boundaries in a way that feels exciting but is “safe” for you and your partner.


The quickie game

Lovemaking doesn’t always have to be long like they show in the movies. Many married couples have so many things to do that sex usually loses priority. Whether it’s bills or your career, nothing should come in between you and your partner. That is why you should look for opportunities to have a quickie. From lovemaking in the mornings to grabbing her and taking her to the washroom when there are guests, get your quickie game right and you’ll be doing your relationship a huge favor.


While the adult entertainment industry might cater more to men, that doesn’t mean that there is no erotica for women. Dig around a bit. There are so many erotica (movies AND books) that cater to women and couples. Find it. Try and read erotica together, or give her your favorite erotica while you read what she likes. This way you can learn what she might be too afraid to ask you.

Dabble in BDSM

If you haven’t experienced BDSM, then you should know that there are some really fun things you can do. From tying your partner with scarves to blindfolding her – there are so many things for you to try. Talk to your partner and make sure that you trust each other before you try BDSM. And when she’s tied up and blindfolded, open up a packet of the Manforce chocolate flavoured condom, easily available in our online condom store, to add to the naughtiness.

There are so many ways to keep the spark alive in a marriage. A big part of having fulfilling and exciting sex is that you put in effort in other parts of the relationship as well. Make her feel like a queen, take her out, love her and we guarantee there’ll be a change in your sex life.

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