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July 2nd, 2019

Add a Flavor of Honesty in Sex

Honesty is the cornerstone of a long-lasting healthy relationship which plays a key role in fulfilling the emotional as well as physical needs of a couple.

Add a Flavor of Honesty in Sex

Whether you’ve been with a person for years or you’re with someone who has just entered your life, being sexually honest can help you understand your partner better. Remember, being honest with your partner will not only make him/her feel good but also build a layer of trust in your sexual relationship.

Therefore, below are a few tips on how honesty can help you walk on the road of sexual satisfaction:


Just say it

Sexual honesty is the key to a smooth and happy relationship. Therefore, if you feel something special during sex, tell it to your partner as this affirmation can greatly intensify your act. Also, being honest doesn’t mean being hurtful; choose your words wisely when it comes to telling your partner about your sexual preferences. The way you initiate a conversation is extremely important. Rather than expressing what you don’t like, express what you really like during foreplay or sex. This way, your partner will always feel happy to oblige.


Don’t send fake orgasm signals

“Faking orgasms can cause distrust in a relationship.”
Faking orgasms can cause distrust in a relationship.

Both men and women fake an orgasm every now and then. However, faking an orgasm not only sends wrong signals to your partner but also disconnects you from your own body. Whether it is to build your partner’s confidence or to avoid hurting his/her feelings, never fake an orgasm. Pretending to have that big O during sex can cause sexual frustration and distrust in your relationship. Instead of letting the frustration grow, take charge and let your partner know what you love and what turns you on.


Find the courage to say ‘no’

Everybody has his/her own set of sexual desires or fantasies. However, just because your lover asks you to play a certain set of bedroom games doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to say yes. If you don’t like the sexual idea, then find the courage to say ‘no’. Though compromise is an integral part of any healthy relationship, doing something unwillingly to please your partner will only result in resentment in future.

The foundation of any healthy and loving relationship is respect and honesty. Therefore, enjoy your game of pleasure to the fullest by adding a flavor of honesty in your relationship. You can also add a special flavor to your sex life and make your moments of togetherness more magical with the different types of Manforce flavored condoms.

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