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July 20th, 2022

Beat the heat with 3 amazing summer sex tips

Why let the hot weather send your sex life up in flames? Instead, feel sexy in the summertime, and raise your libido to enjoy vacation days and amazing outdoor events with your partner to the fullest.

Beat the heat with 3 amazing summer sex tips

Think of summer sex this way to spend your nights, mornings, and evenings loving your partner and enjoying summertime pleasurably.

Many couples love the summer season to fulfil their desires with each other as vacations give enough time to play. Hence, they make travel plans to spend some quality time with each other in this steamy weather. But that’s not all. You can do a lot more than travelling to get groovy with your partner and be smart to make sex super cool during the peak hot months. Including different types of condoms and sex toys with some complementary changes can help you cheat the heat and enjoy your sex life.


Set the stage

“Scene setting might be your ticket for a sensational summer sex”

The first and foremost tip you must incorporate into your lovemaking sessions is to set the scene beautifully. Bring some arousing fragrances, scented candles and mood lighting into the room. Turn on the AC to be well prepared with a comfortable and cool environment. Not to mention, get some best selling dotted condoms for better climaxing. These things collectively will be a welcome surprise and relief for your partner in the summertime.

Practise this step to make your partner go head over heels for you or lead the intercourse.


Add delighting food items


Ever heard of fire and ice? You can perform it during the lovemaking sessions, especially during the hot weather. Wondering how? The contrast between hot and cold is said to be one of the deepest desires and sensations to spice things up in the bedroom. So, a mouth full of frozen yoghurt, ice cream and chilled beverages provides the ideal cold shock to your partner’s hottest areas.

This little bit of mess is worth turning your boring sex life into sextravaganza.


Shower off the sweat

After having fun and food, consider showering together. This will not only increase intimacy but also help keep the cool after a sizzling and romantic event. Get cleaned by enjoying an intimate shower together.

Some couples often try certain sex positions in the shower to have an engaging sex life. You can also try it for a better sexual experience.

By following the above-mentioned pointers, one can easily beat the summer heat and have stimulating sex. These are some useful tips for a satisfying sexual relationship.

However, if you want something extra to keep it dynamic and exciting, you can consider role play, new sex positions, and even foreplay to evoke stimulation. To achieve foreplay’s objective successfully, you can add flavoured condoms. From orange, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla to jasmine and banana, there are multiple variants available on the website of the largest selling condom brands in India like Manforce Condoms. We have a wide range of condoms to choose from. Even our combo pack is quite the buzz item among couples. It includes 5 juicy flavours good enough to please the senses during the play.

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