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July 4th, 2019

Sexy Escape: 3 Places to have Holiday Sex

Amidst all the humdrum of life, we often tend to lose the touch of love and intimacy. We get so absorbed in our day-to-day lives and tight schedules that we forget to cherish the bond we share with our partner.

Sexy Escape: 3 Places to have Holiday Sex

So if you are sailing in the same boat, it’s time you sneak away from your monotonous life and enjoy a romantic escapade with your partner to reignite the spark in your relationship.

Here are some of the best ways that can help you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and enjoy great sex:


Poolside Adventure

If your resort offers a nice private pool, then it’s perfect for some wet and wild sexventure. Not only does it ensure total privacy but also allows you to enjoy freely amidst a beautiful landscape. Though heavy petting and water streaming down your bodies can be extremely hot, it does pose a few challenges such as lack of lubrication while having sex. Therefore, carry a pack of Manforce lubricated condoms and enjoy your lovemaking sessions in every nook and corner of the pool.


Lustful Shower

“Show your woman the art of fingering.”
Show your woman the art of fingering.

Having sex in the shower can be the most exhilarating experience of your life. You can start with foaming each other’s bodies while moving gently in a rhythmic manner. Now, show your woman the art of fingering while watching her expressions in the mirror. This will arouse both of you for the best steamy session. Besides, you can also try the doggy style and wraparound sex positions for your intense play.


Get Dirty on Furniture

Get out of your bed and put the lusty horses of your brain to work. Make use of the surrounding furniture to explore the unexplored. Let the smoothness of the Persian rug caress your naked bodies. You can take advantage of the glass coffee table as the sensation of the cool glass on your back and a warm body above will be perfect for your game of pleasure. You should also allow your passion to come out in the open with some crazy moves on the garden bench.

Holidays are all about spending quality time with your partner and creating great memories. So if you’re looking for some exotic sex adventures, then titillate your sexbuds with the above-mentioned ways and enjoy your quality time with your partner to the fullest.

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