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July 11th, 2019

4 Dream Proposal Ideas

A marriage proposal is an intense act which marks the beginning of a beautiful life; a life filled with commitment, harmony, and transitions.

4 Dream Proposal Ideas

The idea of a marriage proposal often conjures up the visuals of romantic dinners, candles, a man going down on his knee, rose petals, tears of joy, and heartfelt monologues of love. However, there is no specific rule book when it comes to proposing your partner.

Here are some of the best ideas that can turn your marriage proposal into a memorable experience:


Ribbon of Love

Make your marriage proposal more romantic with a ribbon of love. Attach a ribbon from the entrance door knob to the furthest door in your home. Paste some of your best memories of togetherness (pictures, letters, etc.) on the ribbon. Then, hide behind the door at the end of the ribbon, kneeling down on one knee with a ring in your hand. Let your woman move along the ribbon, seeing all your wonderful memories together, side by side. As she opens the door, propose to her. This kind of proposal will fill her up with all the romantic moments you’ve shared together and make her fall in love with you all over again.


Unforgettable Vacation Proposal

“You can propose to your partner while exploring new places together.”
You can propose to your partner while exploring new places together.

Popping up the question, “will you marry me?” on a vacation is incredibly thoughtful and romantic. Consider taking your proposal one step ahead by planning something unforgettable on the top of a picturesque destination. You can propose to your partner while exploring new places together. This will completely surprise your partner as he/she will never expect a proposal when you both are in the middle of exploring places.


Role Reversal

In romantic relationships, men have traditionally done the heavy task of proposing their women. However, times are now changing. So ladies, get ready to propose your men while bending on your knees. This will make your marriage proposal unique and take your partner to a world of infinite love.

Art Proposal

Go creative and propose your partner through art – a series of beautiful illustrations featuring you and your lover. This can be the most surprising and breathtaking way of proposing to your partner. This way, the art will stay and grow old with you after you’re married.

A marriage proposal is a once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, embrace the above-mentioned proposal ideas and celebrate the beginning of a new life. You can also introduce Manforce condoms into your married life in order to make your sex life more exciting and fulfilling.

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