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May 3rd, 2019

A Date to Remember: 5 Romantic First Date Ideas

First dates are always full of surprises. And believe it or not, ‘expect the unexpected’ seems like the right phrase for these adventures.

A Date to Remember: 5 Romantic First Date Ideas

A first date isn’t about judgments and expectations, it’s all about taking a ride together into each other’s world. Undoubtedly, it is the first step towards building a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

So fellas, get ready to embrace the unexpected with these romantic first date ideas:


A Starry Night

The nights are meant for romance. The sky with different patterns of stars radiates positive energy which can make your first date unbelievable. A secluded area, good food, and a box of chocolates are some wonderful ways to start your date. Also, the light of the moon casts a spell which can deepen your connection.   


A Classic Coffee Date

“If you are a lover of great conversations, then going to a coffee shop is the ideal idea for your first date.”
If you are a lover of great conversations, then going to a coffee shop is the ideal idea for your first date.

Sitting at a round table with two hot cups of coffee is the classic thing to begin your first date with. The aroma of coffee makes you feel energetic and it can spice up your conversation. If you are a lover of great conversations and really want to know somebody outside of the constraints, then going to a coffee shop is the ideal idea for your first date.


A Bookstore Fun

A bookstore can be great for first dates as it provides plenty of opportunities for physical flirtation – a touch on the hand, a tuck of hair at the right moment, stolen kisses behind the stacks, as well as verbal flirtation. For instance, you can pull out some romantic books and let your date read a paragraph picked by you, isn’t it fun! If your partner loves to read, a bookstore date can be a great way to explore the chemistry.

A Walking Date

A walking date is a cozy and romantic affair. There are many benefits associated with walking dates such as holding hands, lending your jacket, and stealing a kiss while standing up. The best part about walking dates is that you can go for them any time of the year.

The Sunrise Date

Nothing can be more romantic than watching the beauty of the sunrise together. Visit one of the sunrise spots in the city and surprise your date with the most breathtaking scenery. That feeling is great when the quietness of the surroundings mingles with the explosion of your emotions.

First dates are not only full of surprises, but they can be unpredictable too. However, the above-mentioned date ideas can definitely help you to write your own first date saga. And if you get lucky, you can be bestowed with many more dates with that person. Therefore, always carry a pack of Manforce Condoms because you never know what will happen next.    

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