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May 14th, 2019

How to Give Him a Heavenly Massage?

A massage is an excellent way to soothe the turbulent waters of stress, while building intimacy and trust at the same time.

How to Give Him a Heavenly Massage?

Touching is an intimate way to communicate more honestly with your partner. Your touch can increase your partner’s levels of love hormone called oxytocin, and generate a positive energy between you and your partner. 

If you’re looking to undress your lover’s inner sex demon, you need to learn the art of giving him a heavenly massage. Below are some tips which can surely help you to do so:


Mood Building

Setting the right mood is the key to a great massage. You can dim the lights and light a scented candle. Candles provide a fluttering, golden glow that promise a pleasant ambience. Also, make sure to adjust the thermostat to keep the room warm and put on some soothing music. After a busy day, a massage with a perfect setting can do wonders for him.


Be Picky about Massage Oil

“Begin your evening of sexual exploration with lavender oil.”
Begin your evening of sexual exploration with lavender oil.

Pick a massage oil that suits his personality. You can use eucalyptus or lavender oil for the same. Scented oil like lavender elicits a response in the brain which is responsible for sexual arousal. Always remember that oil should be heated before applying.


Start with his Back

Allow your partner to lay on his stomach while you begin with his back. Put a pillow under his chest to avoid discomfort and ask him to turn his head periodically to prevent pain in the neck. Rub oil between your hands and place your hands on his shoulders. Then, spread the oil throughout his back and move downward along the spine. When you reach the base of his spine, separate your hands and move them along his waist. Then, bring your hands together and move your way up to his spine until you get back to his shoulders. However, avoid applying too much pressure on his joints and bones.

His Face is your Playground

Gently massage his face with the help of your fingertips. Press two fingers from each hand into his temples for some seconds. Then, glide your fingers down his cheeks, making circular motions. When you reach his jawline, trace around his lips with your index finger. This elicits a strong stream of pleasure. Then, give him a sexy kiss followed by an orgasmic experience.

A great massage is a path to great sex. So, soothe your partner’s aching muscles with a relaxing massage and take your session to its ultimate destination with Manforce flavored condoms.

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