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July 22nd, 2019

Breakup sex is so good, is it?

Breaking up and letting go of someone you love can be the most difficult decision of your life. But sometimes, things can go haywire in a relationship which can make you doubtful about its future.

Breakup sex is so good, is it?

Accepting that your relationship isn’t working out may be a mature way to deal with the situation. However, different people deal with their breakup differently. While some people end their relationship on ugly terms, others believe in making their goodbyes special.

Many couples consider breakup sex as the best way to bid goodbye to each other, especially if they end their relationship on mutual terms. So if you and your partner are considering breakup sex as your way of saying goodbye to each other, you should first know about its different sides:


Breakup Sex – The moment of relief

Breakup sex is a bittersweet kind of sex that you have shortly before or after breaking up with your partner. According to some psychotherapists, having sex for one last time is a crucial part of letting go of that person. It yanks you out from the sadness of the moment to bring you closer to your partner for the one last experience of pleasure. Besides, it also shows that you both respect and care for each other, despite the separation.


Breakup sex is hotter

“Some people find breakup a pleasurable way of finding closure.”
Some people find breakup a pleasurable way of finding closure.

Some people say that break up sex feels so much better as it allows them to let go of their inhibitions while making them ready to show their unique and independent sexual sides. During this experience, couples don’t talk about bad times, rather they are more interested in the exciting nature of the act. For them, nothing is more meaningful than the present sexual togetherness. Moreover, it helps them to find closure in a kind and healthy way.


Break up sex is confusing

According to some psychotherapists, breakup sex holds value when both partners end their relationship on mutual terms, without any hard feelings. On the contrary, they also believe that breakup sex can be harmful, especially if the breakup is one-sided. This is because the hormones released during sex are associated with excitement, bonding and attachment, which can not only land you in a confusing state but also make your partner feel like there’s still a chance of staying together. Moreover, it can increase the pain for some people and slow down the healing process.

Breakup sex can be a pleasurable way to let go of your relationship, especially if its dissolution happens in a healthy way. Moreover, you can make your last moment of togetherness even more special with Manforce pleasure condoms.

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