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July 29th, 2019

Forbidden Pleasure: Can reading erotica give you more orgasms?

Wandering in the lanes of erotica is quite fascinating as it allows you to plunge into the land of forbidden pleasure, from where the withdrawal is beyond your reach.

Forbidden Pleasure: Can reading erotica give you more orgasms?

Erotic literature is a work of art that is meant to trigger sexual thoughts or arousal. It is often loaded with explicit descriptions, sensual dialogues, and raunchy scenes that make it easy for an individual to get lost in the beauty of the narration.

Furthermore, a recent study has shown that reading erotica is great for your sexual health as it can increase your libido as well as intensity of orgasms. Therefore, below are a few reasons why you should focus on reading more sexy literature:


Erotica is hot

When you read a good erotic story, it’s pretty easy to get carried away with all the steamy details. These naughty descriptions are full of passion that not only hypnotize you but also make you think about having sex with your partner. As reading erotic stuff can turn you on, it can make your sex life more fulfilling in real.


Orgasmic explosion

“Orgasms make you fall in a state of ecstasy.”
Orgasms make you fall in a state of ecstasy.

Reading erotic literature increases your sex drive and there are high chances that you’ll end up experiencing better orgasms. Orgasms make you fall in a state of ecstasy as they increase your levels of the love hormone, oxytocin, which triggers the feelings of warmth and relaxation. They also reduce your levels of fear and anxiety which improves your bonding with your partner. Moreover, when you orgasm, the feel good chemicals get released, creating a sedative effect. This can further help you to sleep better after your power-packed performance. 


Creativity at its sexual best

Reading erotic stories allows you to explore sex in the most unexpected way, as it helps you to find your own lusty voice between the sheets. You can whisper your own darkest fantasies into your partner’s ears that will definitely turn him/her on for an orgasmic adventure. Besides, it teaches you to be creative and opens your mind to explore the unexplored sex adventures. You can also try reading some erotic stories with your partner. You never know, it might just become your special type of foreplay.

Make your sex life more interesting with a combination of erotic literature and Manforce pleasure condoms. It will send your brain to some alluring vacation and help you experience great sex with better orgasms.

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