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October 11th, 2019

Be a Fighter not a Victim: Let the Cyber Security Laws help you

Due to the rapid diffusion of the internet, the cases of cybercrimes have been constantly increasing. While these crimes happen online, they can have a massive psychological impact on the victim.

Be a Fighter not a Victim: Let the Cyber Security Laws help you

Cybercrime refers to a wide variety of criminal activities, ranging from revenge porn, cyber-harassment to security breaches and child pornography. However, there are certain legal provisions under the IT Act that can help a victim fight these crimes.

As the internet has become the paradise for cyber criminals, here are some tips that can help you deal with cybercrimes:


Knowledge of legal provisions

Certain legal provisions have been made under the IT Act to nullify the effects of cybercrimes. The section 66E deals with the violation of privacy wherein the criminal is punished for publishing or transmitting information of a person’s private area without consent. The section 67 and 67 A of the IT Act punishes a person who publishes or transmits obscene or sexually explicit material in electronic form. Besides, the section 67 B deals with the depiction of a child in an obscene or indecent manner. Hence, you should be aware of these legal provisions in order to save yourself from being a victim of cybercrime.


Report the crime

“Be a fighter and go to the police station to report a cybercrime.”
Be a fighter and go to the police station to report a cybercrime.

Reporting a cybercrime is the first and foremost step towards justice. Never take matters into your own hands. Be a fighter and go to the police station to report the crime. As the cases of cybercrimes against women and children are considerably high, the Ministry of Home Affairs has launched the cybercrime reporting portal for registering cybercrimes against women and children online. Also, you should collect and keep evidence of all the communication (screenshots, emails, voice mails, etc.) as it will help you in filing a complaint against the criminal.


Don’t be afraid of police officers

To deal with cybercrimes, police officers are trained to respond in an empathetic and sensitive manner. Besides, several sensitization programmes have been conducted to ensure that the officers involved in these matters understand the effects of cybercrimes and act accordingly. Therefore, don’t be afraid of police officers. Treat them as your friends and report the crime without any fear.

Though the internet is a medium to connect with the world, it has also made it easier for offenders to harass people online. According to Manforce Condoms, if you’re dealing with any kind of cybercrime, you should reach out to the police at the earliest and tell them about your problem openly. Remember your help in such cases is just one call away.

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