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May 23rd, 2019

Instant Feels: Don't Resist the Urge of Sex

Instant feels are treacherous yet the most pleasurable ones. A sudden touch, a glance, or a romantic thought of your partner can make your system go haywire within seconds. And within those seconds, only sex can satisfy your cravings.

Instant Feels: Don't Resist the Urge of Sex

However, amidst the busy schedule, one can barely find time for these instant feels. This is where a quickie can make all the difference. Quickies are a great way to reap the benefits of sex without all the whistles and bells of your tryst. They are spontaneous and can take the excitement in your relationship to new heights. A few minutes of passion can make you fly high in the air of pleasure.

Let us take you through the enticing world of quickies so that you don’t have to resist your instant feels for good:


All in one - Quickie

An unscheduled and rushy quickie can be super energizing. Not only can it bring a smile on your face but it can also act as a stress buster. During sex, the oxytocin hormone releases which makes you feel good. Having quickies can load you with feel-good hormones anytime and anywhere. It is also the most pleasant way to ensure strong circulatory health.


A strong bond of intimacy

“Quickies can be a great reminder that you both still desire each other amidst tight work schedules”
Quickies can be a great reminder that you both still desire each other amidst tight work schedules

With work and a thousand different things demanding attention, you and your partner have to find ways to reconnect the dots of your relationship. Quickies can do wonders as they offer you with a chance to enjoy each other’s company as well as sexuality at the same time. It can be a great reminder that you both still desire each other even when your work schedules are beyond madness. This sudden urgency and desire can help keep the spark alive and also strengthen your overall relationship.


Keeps the desires burning

The more sex you have, the closer you will get to your partner. Quickies are the one way to keep the sexual desires in your relationship burning. Having a quickie at some unusual place such as the bathroom, garage, or kitchen can make your sex life hotter. Also, when you’re under the dagger of time, it’s important to know the different sex positions that will work great for you. Look for quick positions which will not only save time but also provide you with ultimate pleasure. Even in rush, don’t forget to make your partner feel special.

Fountain of youth

A quickie can make you look younger than your actual age. It boosts your immune system and makes your skin glow. Also, it releases pheromones which make you even more attractive to the opposite sex.

An orgasm a day, keep all your worries at bay. So, strengthen your relationship with quickies and enjoy your pleasurable moments with Manforce lubricated condoms.

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