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July 3rd, 2019

Your private moments are precious, don’t share them online!

With the outbursts of various social media platforms, a virtual space has become the new place to experience life in all its length and breadth.

Your private moments are precious, don’t share them online!

Social media is like a modern scrapbook which has made it easy for people to share their personal lives online. When you are in a relationship, there’s an urge to capture and upload every beautiful moment in order to preserve it for the future. Though uploading magical moments of a relationship has become a new trend, it can often lead to anxiety and online frauds.

Here are some reasons why sharing private moments online can do so much harm to your relationship:


Unhealthy for your relationship

Couples often record or capture every beautiful moment of their relationship. They do so in order to relive that moment from time to time. However, a persistent desire to capture the moment completely alters the concept of enjoying the life in the present. When you share your private life online, you are allowing the outside world to interfere in your private space. You get so involved in the game of seeking attention that you start comparing your relationship with others. This can germinate a seed of low-esteem, depression, and jealousy.

Thus, it is extremely important that you take some time to decide before posting anything on social media. Instead of losing in the insanity of social media, you should live in the moment and enjoy every second of the time you spend with your partner. Therefore, shut the phone up and don’t ever let the fever of social media take over your relationship.


Risk of online frauds

“Sharing pictures online can lead to humiliation, abuse and harassment.”
Sharing pictures online can lead to humiliation, abuse and harassment.

Social media platforms have become a paradise for stalkers. Even if your pictures are shared on your personal account, they can still be visible to a large audience. Unfortunately, your intimate moments can be taken or shared without your permission which can result in online frauds. This can further lead to humiliation, abuse and harassment. Moreover, offenders in such cases feed off the victim’s silence and lack of clarity in the code of conduct. Hence, you need to be aware of the laws that will help you in such cases.

Your private or intimate moments are not for everybody. Therefore, break this chain of sharing pictures online and enjoy your intimate moments to the fullest with Manforce condoms.


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