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Game of Pleasure
May 13th, 2019

Food and Sex: 5 Food Items to try while having Sex

If sex and food were in a relationship, they would’ve been the perfect couple ever. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, food and sex is a match made in the heavens of contentment. 

Food and Sex: 5 Food Items to try while having Sex

Bringing food in between the sheets can do wonders to your sex life. Both are the comforting activities, often shared with the person you love the most.  

Below are a few different ways in which you can integrate food into your sex life and unlock the Pandora’s Box of carnal pleasure:



Using chocolate while making love melts all the uneasiness in your relationship. It is an aphrodisiac which requires more tongue action in order to improve your mood for the better. Depending upon your choice, you can choose any variation such as chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup for your lusty desires.  You can drizzle it on your partner’s erogenous zones and lick it off. For instance, spread some chocolate sauce over your partner’s chest and lick it like he’s the yummiest slice of bread. You can also make use of your tongue and tease his nipples.


Ice Cream

“Lay her down and drop a dollop of ice cream on her navel”
Lay her down and drop a dollop of ice cream on her navel

Ice cream is the perfect treat to try in the heat of your desires. You can lay her down and drop a dollop of ice cream on her navel. Then, lick it off in a sensual way. You can also repeat this on her breasts, thighs, and finally on the clitoris. Then, what happens next would be like icing on the cake.     



Go classic and heighten your foreplay by challenging your partner to take up the best kissing test. Tying a cherry stem in a knot with the help of your tongue is a seductive move to level up your game. Besides, this trick also suggests your partner is a good kisser due to the oral dexterity required to perform the task. For more pleasure, you can run cherries over your partner’s body or shower the juice over the sensitive zones and then lick it off.


Just like Cleopatra, feed your Antony with the grapes of love. Make him feel worthy of your worship. Furthermore, you can use grapes for some temperature play. For instance, place a bundle of grapes in the freezer overnight. Then, pluck a frozen grape from its stem and run it over his nipples and other erogenous zones for an ice hot foreplay.


The combination of spaghetti and tomato sauce is a great way to bring your partner closer. Surprise your partner with homemade spaghetti for your post-meal lovemaking. Make your food session sexier by chewing the opposite ends of the same noodle, which ends up in a passionate kiss, just like the “Lady and the Tramp” way.

Enjoy your orgasmic festival with the explosion of seductive foods. Besides, you can always use Manforce flavored condoms to further add a layer of relish to your lovemaking.

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