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September 30th, 2020

4 Foreplay Tips to Tease your Man

Foreplay is one of the most intimate acts that can increase sexual desire and lead to great sex. It involves cuddling, caressing, kissing, touching, seducing, and most importantly, teasing – all of which can build up excitement and make sex all the more amazing.

4 Foreplay Tips to Tease your Man

However, there is a common misconception among people that foreplay is only meant for women, not men. This is completely false. According to sex experts, men enjoy foreplay as much as women, if it is done the right way. So if you ace the art of foreplay, you’ll not only leave your man asking for more but also be able to enjoy the best sexual experiences of your life.

Here is the list of the best foreplay tips that will help you tease your man and spice up your sex life:


Use your hands

Be a passionate lover. Start by gently touching and massaging your man and slowly increase the pressure. Kiss him intensely all over his body. While doing so, use your hands to play with his sensitive areas - ears, cheeks, neck, back of his head, and inner thighs. Closely monitor his expressions and you’ll realize that he’s in no mood to resist you any longer.


Caress his hair

“Play with his hair, whisper naughty stuff in his ear.”
Play with his hair, whisper naughty stuff in his ear.

Its innocent, relaxing, and sexually arousing – all at the same time. After he comes back from office and freshens up, just lie down on the bed and rest his head on your lap. Give him a head rub, play with his hair, and ask him how his day was. Then, start whispering naughty stuff in his ear while gently caressing his hair. Let him get in the mood and see what he does 30 seconds later.


Act sexy but innocuous

This is perhaps the best way to sexually tease your man. Remove your top sensually, right in front his eyes, and make it look like a regular affair. Then turn around, slowly unhook your bra, and drop it to the floor. Your partner will already have naughty intentions by this time. But you need to act innocent throughout the act. Move towards the bathroom, and just before your man can catch you from behind, lock the door and make him wait. Let him bang the door. Allow him to enter inside after sometime and give him the most pleasurable sex of his life.

Finger-lickin’ amazing

Plan a movie night, put on something romantic, and turn off the lights. Take his hand and plant soft kisses at the back. Then look him in the eye, pass a smile, and look at the screen again. Now put his hand on your lips, and slowly and sensually, start sucking his thumb. Keep paying attention towards the screen. Even if you know he’s looking at you, don’t react. Act as if nothing happened. Use your tongue in between to tease him further. Very soon, he’ll want to convert the movie night into a night full of sex.

Remember, foreplay can be as amazing as the sex itself. So focus on foreplay and incorporate the power of Manforce stamina condoms to enjoy long lasting lovemaking sessions with your partner. This will not only bring you both closer to each other but also do wonders for your sex life.

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