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July 17th, 2019

World Emoji Day: Get Naughty with Sexy Emojis

Emojis are pictorial representations of certain emotions or ideas. Be it smiley faces, quirky action symbols, things, or colored hearts, emojis come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

World Emoji Day: Get Naughty with Sexy Emojis

Since the dawn of emojis, sexting has become interesting and adventurous as they allow you to convey your wildest fantasies to your partner through a variety of icons. Using emojis that symbolize sexual innuendos over texts can help set the perfect stage for some action without even saying a word.   

As a mark of celebrating the World Emoji Day, Manforce condoms suggests a list of sexy emojis that can spice up your sexting:


A Large Eggplant

When it comes to sexual arousal, a lengthy eggplant emoji symbolizes thick and erect phallus. You can use this emoji while giving your partner a mind-numbing blowjob via texting.


Orgasm Droplets

“Three tiny droplets represent your orgasmic explosion.”
Three tiny droplets represent your orgasmic explosion.

An emoji of three tiny droplets signifies a satisfying orgasm. This emoji is perfect to describe how wet things will get during the climax.


A Curvy Peach

A curvy, innocent peach represents your woman’s butt in the sexting universe. When you’re in a mood to devour your partner, you can use this emoji to express your desires.

A Naughty Waving Hand

A waving hand represents spanking in the world of sexting. This emoji can be used when you’re overflowing with naughtiness.

Lifelike Tongue

A striking emoji of the tongue is synonymous to cunnilingus. You can use this emoji while expressing your desire of going down on your partner.

Union of Index Finger and Ok Hand

The union of the index finger and ok hand signifies penetrative sex. The index finger represents the penis while the ok hand stands for the vagina. You can use these emojis to express your sexual hunger.

Glorious Cancer

The glorious emoji of cancer zodiac signifies the urge of 69ing. This emoji is used when you both are ready for the beautiful exchange of sexual pleasure.

Passionate Kiss

The kiss emoji tells a tale of passion. You can use it when you want to embark on a sexual journey with your partner.

Delightful Candy

An emoji of a delightful candy can convey your lustful desires. You can use this emoji to make your partner understand your urge for licking and sucking his lollipop.

A Juicy Pair of Cherry

In the sexting universe, a juicy pair of cherry resembles your woman’s breasts. You can use this emoji to tell your woman that you surely love them.

Sexting through emojis is an enthralling way to fire up your romantic life. Besides, you can always turn your virtual hunger into real-life action with Manforce stamina condoms

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