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July 9th, 2019

Love Beyond Boundaries: How to express your love in long distance relationship?

The journey of a long distance relationship is filled with jolts and jerks that can often lead to misunderstandings, complexities, and loneliness.

Love Beyond Boundaries: How to express your love in long distance relationship?

Being away from your partner for a long time without any physical contact can be really stressful, as the distance can often create insecurities and take a hit on the romantic quotient in your relationship. Though a long distance relationship can be tough to deal with, finding unique ways of expressing your love for your partner will help you to keep things spiced up in your relationship.

Here are some great ways you can adopt to keep your partner’s love bucket full while you are apart:


Talk about touches

When you are miles away, physical intimacy in the relationship suffers. It can be hard to pull through all the days and nights when you miss your partner. Therefore, talking about physical touches can do the trick. Whether it is holding hands and walking in public or the beautiful kisses that lead to the best sex ever, tell your partner everything you would like to do to him/her whenever you see each other next. Reveal your wildest sexual fantasies. This will keep the intimacy levels in your relationship high and leave you asking for more.  


Surprise visits

“Fill your partner with happiness, excitement, emotions, and love.”
Fill your partner with happiness, excitement, emotions, and love.

Surprising your partner by showing up at his/her doorstep can be a romantic way to express your love. If your partner is craving for physical intimacy, pay a surprise visit. Your mere touch can fill your partner with happiness, excitement, emotions, and love. After all, when you are separated by distance, even the little things like holding hands, kissing, hugging, eating together, etc. become more meaningful and intense. Such visits show how much you care about your relationship, in spite of the stubborn distance. Moreover, these surprise visits often lead to great sexual encounters. Always carry a pack of Manforce 3 in 1 condoms for your romantic encounters in bed.


The ‘I Love You’ mantra

Saying ‘I love you’ every day is one of the most effective ways to express your emotions. Though it is just a three word sentence, it has the power to mend all relationship problems. These three words are so powerful and impactful that they can instantly make your partner happy.    

While the struggle in a long distance relationship is real, it can also add an extra layer of intensity in your relationship. So arm yourself with the above-mentioned ways and take the romance in your relationship to new heights.

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