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July 19th, 2019

Be a Passionate Couple: How to Ignite Passion in your Marriage?

Passion is a powerful thrust that can shape the existence of love. It can fuel your fire of desires and provide you with an opportunity to enjoy a life filled with adventure and excitement.

Be a Passionate Couple: How to Ignite Passion in your Marriage?

However, when life gets predictable and days get boring, we often find passion fading away in a marriage.

During the initial phase of marriage, everything rises to a crescendo. Unfortunately, this blissful phase of passion eventually demagnetizes and requires instant recharging.

Though sexual attraction is difficult to maintain amidst banality, below are some of the best ways to rekindle the passion in your marriage:


Go Touchy, Touchy!

Physical touch is one of the most gratifying languages of love. Holding hands, hugging, and touching tenderly are some of the good ways to declare your love for your partner. Going touchy, touchy can release oxytocin i.e. the feel good hormone, which can cause a calming effect. In order to infuse passion in your marriage, you can give good morning kisses to each other every day or plan a massage every week. These affectionate touches can definitely set the stage for some sexual play full of pleasure.


Break Sexual Patterns

“Break your monotonous sexual patterns with new experiences.”
Break your monotonous sexual patterns with new experiences.

Banality is a threat to leading a passionate life. Passion often vanishes in the winds when monotony takes charge. Therefore, break your monotonous sexual patterns with new experiences. Try different things that promise pleasure for both of you. Flirt and tantalize your partner to ignite intimacy and sexual desire. Furthermore, plan some intimate moments and allow the tension to build before reaching to the hottest climax. Focus more on foreplay, share your darkest fantasies with your partner, change locations and positions, and make sex more desirable with pleasure condoms. Besides, avoid talking about household chores and problems in the bedroom, as sexual arousal plunges when you’re stressed and distracted.


Make your Partner Free

When it comes to marriage, you want your partner to be everything - your best friend, lover, co-parent, business partner, etc. However, the truth is that one person cannot be everything. The more roles you put your partner in, the weaker your relationship becomes. Make your partner free from the clutches of different roles to reintroduce passion into your relationship. Start treating your partner as a lover and enjoy your moments of togetherness to the fullest.

Passion is what keeps you interested, intrigued, motivated, and coming back for more. Therefore, reintroduce passion into your marriage and be irresistible for each other. You can express your love, desire, and purpose with Manforce condoms and enliven your sex life.

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