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January 12th, 2018

Not being a 2 minute man 1

So maybe you’re not the “2 Minute Man",

but if you’re still looking for ways to have longer erections (and longer-lasting sex), you’re not alone. Sex experts agree that their duration in bed is one of the most common things men are insecure about.
Here are a few steps that’ll help you go all night long.



The Stop-and-Start Method

You should begin by masturbating alone, bring yourself close to orgasm and then stop. After relaxing, you should continue bringing yourself closer and closer to orgasm until he can’t hold it any longer. (Doing this several times by yourself without distraction will help you learn where your point of no return is.) Your partner and you can also engage in sexual activity that stops short of intercourse.


The Squeeze Method

This method requires one of you to squeeze the base of the penis at the same point that the stop-and-start technique would be used, when you are at the brink of orgasm. The idea is to reduce your erection through squeezing. Just as with the stop-and-start method, you should do it on his own first, master it, and then invite your partner to practice the technique together.

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