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July 6th, 2019

How to Tackle Intimacy Issues in Marriage?

Intimacy is an amalgamation of vulnerability, openness and sharing. It is a vital ingredient which is imperative in the recipe of marriage.


How to Tackle Intimacy Issues in Marriage?

Marriage is an intimate union of a man and a woman which demands equal partnership at all levels. However, building a life together can be full of difficulties which can suck the magic of intimacy out of your life.

Though things are great and effortless in the beginning, maintaining an intimate connection, especially the physical one, can become really difficult with the passage of time. Therefore, below are some ways which can help you to rebuild intimacy in your relationship:


Communication is premium

A successful marriage involves free flowing of feelings, desires, and beliefs. However, when a marriage goes through hard times, a couple’s way of communication drastically changes, resulting in disagreeable behaviour. Therefore, you should always be honest about your feelings. At the same time, be calm and listen to your partner. The free flow of communication is essential for a happy marriage.



Reignite the fire of passion

“When it comes to sex, foreplay can contribute to a special experience.”
When it comes to sex, foreplay can contribute to a special experience.

When the work and responsibilities are high, intimacy fades without even living its trace. This results in the formation of a void which often creates disconnect between partners, leading to dissatisfaction on an emotional as well as physical level. Therefore, make time for each other. Choose a certain night of the week and plan a romantic dinner or a sexy bath together. Set the mood by playing sensual songs.

When it comes to sex, foreplay can contribute to a special experience and strengthen your bond. You can also experiment with different sexual positions at different places to spice things up. Keeping up this routine will help you to bring excitement, desire and novelty back into your marriage. Enjoy your moments of intimacy and passion with Manforce pleasure condoms.



Appreciate each other

Appreciating one another can fill the gap of intimacy in your relationship. Therefore, show gratitude and appreciate all the things your partner has done for you. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful gift every now and then. Besides, do little things to bring a smile on your partner’s face. It can be anything, from serving breakfast in bed, leaving a love note, massaging, to watching a movie of his/her choice.    

Though intimacy ebbs and flows like tides in marriage, finding motivation and time to reconnect with your partner can reignite the fire of intimacy in your relationship.

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