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October 4th, 2019

The Key to a Happy Relationship: Don’t shoot your intimate moments

With the outbursts of technology, the discourse of love, romance, and relationship has taken a different digression altogether. As a result, recording or uploading intimate moments has become a popular frenzy among couples.

According to Manforce Condoms, a happy relationship is a perfect combination of pleasure and safety. However, the cacophonies of the digital world have made safety a secondary thing in a relationship, which often leads to a wide variety of online frauds such as sexual abuse, blackmailing, extortion, etc.

Your intimate moments are personal and precious. Hence, recording or capturing them can cause you much harm in the long run. Some of the major reasons why you should never record your intimate moments include:


Risk of safety and security

Recording or capturing intimate moments can damage the sense of safety and security in a relationship. Even if your photos are shared on your private accounts, they can still be available on the internet. These things can be shared online without your permission and can damage your reputation within a few seconds. Moreover, your smartphone apps give access to everything available on your phone which can further prove to be harmful for both you and your partner. Apart from this, losing your cellphone can be the worst situation in such cases.


Nothing is forever

“One fight over any petty issue can destroy everything in the heat of the moment.”

No matter how strong your relationship can be, it can’t guarantee that the video or pictures will remain between you and your partner. One fight over any petty issue can destroy everything in the heat of the moment. Furthermore, talking about your relationship with your close friends is normal, but showing intimate pictures is an act of sheer stupidity.


How to shut the phone up and enjoy your relationship?

Though smartphones have become a necessity, it is important that you shut the phone up while enjoying intimate moments with your partner. Here are some tips that can help you strengthen your relationship:

  • Keep the physical intimacy alive in your relationship with the magic of touches. Enjoy hugging, kissing, holding hands, and sex to the fullest. Besides, try something new together with Manforce flavored condoms.
  • Respect privacy and give your partner enough space to enjoy his/her personal interests.
  • Value and appreciate your partner’s efforts.
  • Practice consent always.
  • Communicate fairly and don’t indulge in dirty fights.
  • Be emotionally present at all times.

If you want to preserve your precious moments of love and intimacy, then record them in your head but never on your cameras. Shut the phone up, love your partner, and enjoy your times of togetherness to the fullest.   

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