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March 15th, 2018

Love Can Take a Wrong Turn

Sex is a sweet proof that love has always been an important part of almost every Indian. Even though couples shy away from talking about sex, they are different when behind closed doors. They experiment, try new things… their personality changes when it comes to having sex.

Love Can Take a Wrong Turn

The more comfortable they are with their partners, the fetish, the fantasies, and the desires grow manifold and new things are tried to spice up the sex life and be satiated like never before.

A fantasy that is not new to many couples is filming the act itself. The thrill of watching oneself doing it is beyond expectation. It is naughty and an object of fascination. But, the dark truth is that this video of sheer pleasure can get in the hands of someone who has the full access to misuse it.

This is exactly what Manforce Condoms is conveying in their new short film. A young couple on their honeymoon capture their moments of intimacy… only to realise that the phone is now missing. With no password on the phone, their anxiety, their fear, the despair can be felt very well. The video leaves one wrapped in many thoughts. What will happen if the phone gets in the wrong hands? Will that person access the video and keep it to himself/herself, or will they pass it on? What if the video gets viral on the internet? The most terrifying thought of it all is that the same can happen with you!

Love takes a wrong turn when we flow in the emotions and do not think of the consequences. Sharing intimate photos and videos are a common thing now. More common than you think them to be. And as helpful as technology is, it is vulnerable at the same time. Do we actually think twice before sending an intimate picture? Or while making a video that captures a moment of intimacy, do we even think about questions like where is the video being stored? What if someone hacks the cloud storage, gets access to these photographs and videos? No, we do not. Our sensitivity towards technology is getting thinner day by day, giving predators a chance to misuse personal information.

Manforce Condoms through their video urges people to understand the meaning of ‘safe sex’ and switching off the phone when indulging in any act of affection. It is time people draw the curtains, switch off the light, and #ShutThePhoneUp!


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