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Game of Pleasure
March 20th, 2020

Make-up Sex: The Best Therapy of Every Relationship

Love is the alternate universe of exhilaration and contentment. It’s a place that possesses novelty, unconventional rules, and the potential to turn unpleasant situations into a state of ecstasy.

Make-up Sex: The Best Therapy of Every Relationship

In real life, we often try to steer clear of the stress, anxiety, and unpleasantness that a heated argument with someone can bring. But when it comes to fighting with our lover, the rules are completely different that encourage only one type of reconciliation i.e. make-up sex.

According to sex experts, make-up sex has the power to heal all the cracks and crevices of a relationship. So if you’ve had an argument with your partner recently, don’t be mad at him/her, rather resolve it in a sexual way. Here are some reasons why sex after arguments can be the best therapy for your relationship:


Woah! The best sex of my life

Arguing is like a sexually-charged act. During the conflict, arguments trigger a fight-or-flight response in the brain that is similar to sexual arousal. So when you are done with fighting with your partner, translate that boiling energy into an erotic lovemaking session. This act of bliss can transform the heat of an argument into orgasmic ecstasy.


A sense of relief

“Make-up sex is an erotic opportunity to resolve your conflict.”
Make-up sex is an erotic opportunity to resolve your conflict.

Though an unpleasant fight may threaten the existence of your relationship, sex after an argument not only provides a sense of relief but also unlocks a sensual part of your psyche. Hence, make-up sex is an erotic opportunity to resolve your conflict while releasing tension and frustration.


Strengthens emotional intimacy

While fighting can make you feel distant from your lover, make-up sex can work to restore the feelings of closeness and intimacy. It can be an amazing way to reaffirm your dedication towards each other. Thus, make-up sex is a great way to build and deepen emotional intimacy.


When you fight with your partner, hormones like testosterone, adrenaline and cortisol reach the sky. And with these powerful hormones running high, you might discover new sex positions, practices, and roles that you may have never figured out during an ordinary night. You can also use different flavoured condoms in order to take lovemaking sessions to new heights.

From arguing with each other to being completely immersed and wrapped around one another, make-up sex can be an acknowledgment and celebration of your love, even in times of discord. Besides, you can always make your reconciliation sessions more pleasurable with Manforce Condoms.

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