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July 16th, 2019

Don’t let Silly Mistakes Ruin your Sexual Experience

A healthy sex life is a smooth pathway to happiness and contentment. Your adventurous experiences between the sheets tell the lustful stories of intimacy and desire that can nourish your relationship.

Don’t let Silly Mistakes Ruin your Sexual Experience

However, a teeny-tiny mistake can ruin your opportunity of enjoying great sex. Therefore, below is the list of some common mistakes that you should avoid in the bedroom for a smooth sail:


Poor Hygiene

A beautiful and confident body is a surefire way to turn on your partner. So take out time to groom yourself. Showing up unshaved, shabby, and with a bad breadth is highly inconsiderate and may scare your partner away.


No Foreplay

“Foreplay is like the icing on the cake of sexual desires.”
Foreplay is like the icing on the cake of sexual desires.

When it comes to sex, foreplay is an important part of making your partner happy. It is like the icing on the cake of sexual desires and prepares the body and mind for great sex. Therefore, listen and understand your partner’s needs because when you jump straight into the act, you may kill your partner’s mood completely. You can begin foreplay before even entering the room by complimenting how sexy your partner looks in that attire. In this way, you both are bound to enjoy the act.


Being Sexually Selfish

Sex should be equally pleasurable for both partners. When it comes to sexual gratification, being on the same page makes your relationship stronger. Share your fantasies and talk about your fetishes. Sex is not a single person’s act, therefore, you both need to make each other feel wanted and special. Besides, a woman requires more foreplay in order to orgasm. Therefore, the more aware you are about your woman’s overall needs, the more attached she feels, and the more reactive she’s going to be to your sexual demands. You can also add a special flavor to your sex life with Manforce flavored condoms.

Lack of Physical Compliments

Compliments from your partner serve as a healing ointment which can boost your relationship. Couples who never compliment each other on physical beauty often land up in a pool of insecurities. This can further interfere with their sex life. Appreciate your partner while letting him/her know your commitment to the relationship.

Mind Reading

Both men and women are not mind readers, therefore, let your partner know how he/she can please you. Be specific and clear about your needs. Show your partner the right direction so that he/she can please you in every possible way.

Capturing Intimate Moments

Taking pictures or making videos while having sex can not only ruin your sexual experience but also throw you in an unfortunate situation wherein your intimate pictures can be shared online without your consent. Hence, shut the phone up while enjoying your private moments.

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