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August 16th, 2019

Monsoon Season: A Special Time for Sex

Monsoon is considered as the magical time for fulfilling sexual fantasies. Whether it’s the chilling tiny droplets of rain or the thrills of thunderstorms, the season allows you to weave some unforgettable sexual experiences of your life.

Monsoon Season: A Special Time for Sex

Furthermore, when the coolness of rain collides with the heat generated by two passionate souls, sex becomes more significant and pleasurable.

Below are some sexy ideas that can make this monsoon season – a fiery ride of passion for you and your partner:


Wet Kisses and Rainy Sex

Water dripping down your partner’s body along with the aromatic earthy scent makes monsoon a perfect setting for passionate kisses and lustful touches. As wet bodies crave for some unforgettable action, you can use this opportunity to enjoy a power-packed performance. However, it is important that you find a secluded spot on your terrace where no one would disturb your lovemaking adventures.


Go Naughty with Hot Chocolate

“A cup of hot chocolate can take your lovemaking sessions to new heights.”
A cup of hot chocolate can take your lovemaking sessions to new heights.

Monsoon sets up a perfect ambience for beautiful lovemaking sessions. In addition to this, a cup of hot chocolate can serve as a stimulating tonic which can take your lovemaking session to new heights. As chocolate is aphrodisiac in nature, it will not only make your bond stronger but also make you fall in love with your partner all over again. You can indulge in some kinky chocolate fun with Manforce chocolate flavored condoms.


Long and Wild Drives

In this romantic weather, a long drive is a refreshing way to deepen the bond with your partner. Moreover, when it’s pouring cats and dogs outside, the thrill of getting down gets doubled. So enjoy your romantic drive under the dramatic sky and come back home to satiate your hunger with a fantabulous performance.

Get Dirty under a Blanket

While it rains outside, dim the lights, watch your favorite romantic movie, and sit together with one blanket enveloping the two of you. Gently touch each other, whisper some sweet nothings into each other’s ears, and enjoy a romantic evening at home. You never know when this coziness can turn into something wild. Always keep a pack of the best condom in India at home in order to satiate your sudden sexual hunger.

Play Fantasy Games

Monsoon is the perfect season to let go of your inhibitions and indulge in some kinky fantasy games. Role play is an erotic way to fulfill your strong desires. So dress up and get into your favorite movie character to make this monsoon an experience of a lifetime.

The monsoon season can spice up your sex life like never before. So enjoy this beautiful weather with the above-mentioned sensual ideas and set up a perfect environment of love and lust for your adventures.

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