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July 14th, 2020

4 Common Myths about Sex you need to stop believing

Sex is one of the most pleasurable feelings that can help strengthen the bond and develop emotional intimacy between partners. In fact, it is the most desirable way for partners to express their love for one another.

4 Common Myths about Sex you need to stop believing

Unfortunately, most people tend to misunderstand the concept of sex and develop wrong persisting views about it. Many sex experts in India assert that a majority of the population in India is still not provided with proper sex education, which often leads them to have wrong beliefs about sex. Believe it or not, we are surrounded by endless myths when it comes to sex.

Here are some of the most common myths about sex that you should immediately stop believing:


Sex burns a lot of calories

Youngsters as well as adults have a very common misconception that sex burns major calories. Sex experts claim that 30 minutes of sexual intercourse burns anywhere between 85-150 calories. However, the problem is that most people don’t have sex for 30 minutes. Hence, while sex does play a part in burning calories, its effect is only minimal and it does not contribute to weight loss as much as exercising or other physical activities.


Sex can give you a heart attack

“Sex helps in keeping your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.”
Sex helps in keeping your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.

This is perhaps one of the most prevalent myths about sex. Medical experts claim that regular sex is good for one’s overall health and is linked to a healthier heart. Moreover, sex helps in keeping your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance which can further reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. In addition, research suggests that sexual activity can be healthy even for people with existing heart problems as it does not involve much physical exertion. The physical exertion during sexual intercourse is almost same as climbing two flights of stairs.


All women have orgasm through intercourse

Not true! On the contrary, several studies have reported that a large percentage of women are unable to achieve an orgasm through intercourse alone. In fact, most women admit that they need some other way of stimulation during intercourse to achieve an orgasm. As this remains a persistent problem, the top condom brands in India are now manufacturing condoms to help couples have long-lasting sex. If you too are experiencing the same issue, you can try Manforce stamina condoms to make your lovemaking sessions last longer.

Sex affects athletic performance

Many coaches of top performers forbid them to indulge in sexual activity before major events in fear that their performance might be hampered. However, most recent studies have shown that sex has very little impact on performance and the effect varies from person to person and their psychological state. For some people, having sex the night before the main event can be a relaxing distraction that may actually boost their performance.

As sex is one of the most desirable experiences of life, it is extremely important that you gain the right knowledge and get rid of all the misconceptions surrounding the activity. This will not only help you to lead a healthier life but also allow you to enjoy your lovemaking sessions to the fullest.

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