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March 16th, 2018

Oral Sex: Doing it the Right Way

A lot of men tend to skip past performing oral sex for their partner, or only do so to receive some in return. But actually it’s a key ingredient when learning how to really turn a girl on.

Oral Sex: Doing it the Right Way

Here are a few Manforce tips about how to give your woman good oral sex. Just take some time out to get it right, and then you can use it to bring some extra spice to the bedroom and really satisfy your woman.


Make Her Comfortable

First things first – remember that your face down there is a lot to handle for her. Many women view oral sex as even more intimate than vaginal sex. So in order for her to be really comfortable with you down there, how about you start her off with a nice sensual massage.


Let Her Know You’re Enjoying It

“While you’re finding your way around, your partner is thinking all sorts of things: “Does it smell? Does it taste bad? Is he comfortable?” ”
While you’re finding your way around, your partner is thinking all sorts of things: “Does it smell? Does it taste bad? Is he comfortable?”

It is difficult for them. Let her know that you’re loving the sensation. Pull her hand down to your penis so that she can see that you’re getting turned on too.


Don’t Suck

Well, don’t completely suck. When you’re doing the deed, remember that the clitoris is not a lollipop. Instead, think about it giving her a massage with your tongue. Eat her like you are sucking on a mango. Think of it more as a meal you’re devouring and less about cleaning your plate.

Delicate Fingertips

While fingers are important – pounding away won’t do anyone good. Slowly massage inside of her. Maybe even use your thumb to massage her clit when your tongue needs a break. If she asks for more, give it, but let her control the speed, intensity and pressure.

Prequel, Main Event and Sequel

Also, don’t think of oral sex as just a build-up. Go down on her when you’re changing positions or when you feel the urge to get her wetter. You’ll love to hear her go crazy.

Neat Freaks Need Not Apply

And guys, it’s going to get messy. Embrace it.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Just like it sometimes takes time for you to finish when your partner goes down on you, it might take longer than a hot minute to get her off. Don’t rush her and be patient. It’ll likely take her a while to get ready in the first place. Keep the environment sexy and relaxed, have a willing mouth and make sure she is calm both physically and emotionally.

Use these tips on her the next time you go down on her. Why don’t you convince her to try the “69” sex position. In the 69 position you lay on your back while your partner straddles in the opposite direction, placing face to genitals in both cases. While penile penetration cannot be achieved from this position, both partners can enjoy in a variety of oral and manual stimulation.

If she has problems about giving you oral as well, check out our online condom store for our wide variety of flavoured condoms. From the chocolate flavoured condoms to the strawberry flavoured, we’ve got them all!

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