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May 16th, 2019

Redefining the Sexabulary

Sex is a cocktail of creativity and satisfaction. Once you taste it, you will get addicted to it. Moreover, you may be surprised to know that you can nearly do anything in this domain to spice up your personal life, just like introducing creative sex slang terms into your world.


Redefining the Sexabulary

Move over the dull and boring sex terminologies and embrace the fun and inherent charm of sex terms, especially the mischievous ones. Below are a few sex terms you should definitely add to your sexabulary:


Sexting Wizard

People who excel at exploring the heavens of pleasure with the might of witty and dirty words are known as sexting wizards. They know the art of seducing their lover without real touches.



“Experience the best oomph and ouch of your life with a sexcounter.”
Experience the best oomph and ouch of your life with a sexcounter.

An unexpected encounter which results in the best oomph and ouch of your life.


Orgasmic Glow

When a person is glowing from inside out after experiencing an orgasmic nirvana, then this phenomenon is known as orgasmic glow.

Let’s Bang

Let’s bang is a term used to convey the lusty feelings of a person who wants to have sex at that very moment.

Pleasure Territories

The pleasure zones of the human body that have increased sensitivity, which when triggered, often create a sexual response such as sexual arousal, relaxation, and thoughts of sexual fantasies.


A person is fungry when he/she is hungry for some instant sexual action.


A state wherein a person is satisfied that he/she has used different types of condoms while having sex.


Sexlore is the collection of traditional sex practices, anecdotes, customs, beliefs, and songs that have been passed on from one generation to another through word of mouth.

Kiss is in the air

A situation in which a person secretly blows numerous kisses in the air because he/she can’t express his/her true feelings in an unfavorable environment.


A situation wherein a person seduces his/her partner with the power of beautiful eyes that often results in a sexy make out session.


When a person is sexually attracted to a fictional character of a movie or TV series, then that person is known as fancisexual.

Playfulness is the secret to a healthy and long-lasting sexual relationship. The above-mentioned mischievous slang terms can surely fill your sex life with fun and novelty. Don’t forget to use Manforce condoms for your mischievous gameplay.

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