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April 29th, 2019

In or Out: The Rise of the Hook-up Culture

Long gone are the days of love letters, romantic dinners, a bunch of flowers, and moonlit walks. The times have changed and so has the art of courtship.

In or Out: The Rise of the Hook-up Culture

With the technological outbursts, the social media and dating apps are giving way to a new style of courtship, where a large number of people are choosing their partners for casual encounters, without the end goal of a long-term relationship.


Hook-up – A New Dating Formula

In the modern dating age, hook-up or uncommitted casual sex has become a new dating formula, reflecting both the evolution of biological and socio-cultural paradigms. The hookup activities comprise of sexual behaviors such as kissing, oral sex and penetrative sex without any promise or desire of traditional romantic relationship. Thus, living in the moment is what it is all about.


Does True Love Exist?

“Dating apps are giving freedom to both men and women.”
Dating apps are giving freedom to both men and women.

In this ever-changing world, finding true love can be difficult. If you’re a hopeless romantic, either you end up waiting for love to happen or forcibly tying yourself to the idea of arranged marriage. However, dating apps give people control over whom they’re meeting or dating, which provides level playing field to both men and women. Also, the trauma of heartbreaks and the emotional baggage that comes along with serious relationships are giving a green light to the hook-up culture. 


A Hope of Mr. Right/Ms. Right

Sometimes people find the right person and want to take things further amidst the fast-moving hook-up culture. Casual sex is not meant to be taken seriously, but it’s completely fine if you’re interested in the person you’ve hooked-up with and want to explore more layers of that person. Maybe, hooking-up is a way to keep yourself sexually satisfied, but the larger motive should still be finding that someone worth waking up to.

Shift in Perception

The outlook on casual sex depends on who you are and how you deal with it. There can be many benefits such as a sense of self-confidence, desirability, freedom, satisfaction, and a need to explore. However, the hook-up culture may sound adventurous, but it isn’t when you contract an STD. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to wear a condom while indulging in casual sex encounters.

Raising some Eyebrows

The real problem in the hook-up culture lies in the fact that people engaging with each other, whether it is romantically, sexually or platonically, are not honest with each other. Besides, sex is a natural part of life and treating such an emotional act with frivolousness raises questions about the consequences of such a lifestyle.

The pursuit of love and sex has always been at the core of human existence. Furthermore, following the footsteps of hook-up culture entirely depends on an individual’s personal choice and needs. However, even in casual sex, safety should be given top priority. So if you’re in for the hook-up culture, explore it safely by using different types of condoms manufactured by the best condom brands in India like Manforce condoms.

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