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June 7th, 2018

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

If your partner has a healthy pregnancy, there’s no reason why you and your partner can’t have sex. The thick mucus plug that seals her cervix helps to guard the baby against infection. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of her uterus (womb) also keep the baby safe.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

Your penis won’t damage your baby in any way while you’re having sex. Your partner may find that the baby moves around a bit after she’s had an orgasm. It’s nothing to worry about. That’s the baby reacting to the pounding of her heart. The baby won’t know what’s happening or feel any discomfort.

You may have heard that having sex can bring on labor before your baby is ready to be born. This is not true, as long as your partner has had a straightforward pregnancy.

If your partner’s body is not ready to go into labor, having sex will not cause her to have a premature birth. In fact, it seems that if you have regular sex during pregnancy she may be less likely to give birth prematurely!

Here are a few sex positions that are comfortable during pregnancy.



Lie side by side with her in front of you. This makes for more shallow penetration. It also tends to make your partner feel loved.


Side of the Bed

“There’s no pressure on your partner’s belly, and she can control the speed and depth of penetration.”
There’s no pressure on your partner’s belly, and she can control the speed and depth of penetration.

Your partner lies on her back on the edge of the bed with her knees bent and feet on the edge. You stand facing her. It’s like the classic missionary, but you won’t be resting your body weight on her.


Living Room Love

Have your partner kneel on a couch with her belly facing the couch; she could use her arms for support. It’s like the doggy style. You then penetrate from behind.

If your partner has had any bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy, your doctor may advise you not to have sex until you reach 14 weeks. Your doctor may say it’s best not to have sex for the rest of your pregnancy if your partner has:

  • A low-lying placenta (placenta praevia)

  • Had heavy bleeding

  • Had a vaginal infection

If she has had no problems, then there is no need to stop having sex during pregnancy. Studies have shown that couples, who do make love during pregnancy, tend to become closer. 

There you have it. Some great tips to ensure that you and your partner don’t have to miss out on getting intimate during pregnancy. For more tips check out the rest of our site, you can also get all products – from flavoured condoms to ribbed condoms in our online condom store.

Disclaimer This blog solely intended for the educational/informational/awareness purposes and is not a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor/healthcare professional before acting on the information provided on the blog. Reliance on any or all information provided in the blog, is solely at your own risk and responsibility. Mankind Pharma Limited shall not be held liable, in any circumstance whatsoever.

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