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Game of Pleasure
June 10th, 2019

Make him Crazy with your Dance Moves

Dancing for your man is like writing a sensual saga on the walls of eroticism. Nothing arouses a man more than the sight of his woman twisting and turning her body in sensual positions.

Make him Crazy with your Dance Moves

There’s something so intimate and sexy about dancing that can leave your man craving for more. So unveil your inner diva and master the art of seduction. However, before you learn some moves, it is important to set the firesome stage for sexy play:

  • You need to arrange a comfortable chair
  • Put on some smooth and sensual music to set a romantic mood
  • Wear an outfit that makes you look sultry and hot
  • Your man is only allowed to look, not touch

Make him sit on the chair and showcase the below-mentioned lap dance moves to fill your man with lusty hunger:


The Sensual Lean

The sensual lean is a great way to start your sultry play. Maintain a proper distance while standing in between the legs of your partner. Then, allow your body to lean forward. You can use the armchair for support. As he isn’t allowed to touch you, you can tease him by bringing your breasts closer to his face.


Crawl like an Animal

“Stick out your buttocks while arching your sexy back.”
Stick out your buttocks while arching your sexy back.

Just like an animal, bend on your knees with your hands touching the floor. Stick out your buttocks while arching your sexy back. Then, crawl slowly towards your beloved while staring into his eyes. Crawling can definitely make your man feel dominant.


Touch Yourself

Contorting your body in sensual positions is a surefire way to arouse him. Touch yourself as you move to the melody of sensual music. Create an S with your body while moving your hands through your hair, down your neck, your breasts, and around your hips.

The Classic Cowgirl

Look into your man’s eyes while riding him from the front. You can also perform this by shaking your hips while switching into a reverse position. This is going to make your man crazy. Unlock yourself and use your lustful imagination to give him an unforgettable ride.

Between your Legs

Putting things like your man’s clothes between your legs can be a great seductive move. Seeing his clothes between your legs can be a huge turn on for him.

The Strip Tease

You can close your act of seductiveness by removing an item of your dress. You can slowly strip while whispering the intense and desirous climax into his ears.

At last, allow your man to touch you and enjoy the craziest movements with Manforce ultra-thin condoms.

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