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June 4th, 2018

5 Sensual Songs to Get Her into the Mood

We bet you don’t need best selling condom in India, Manforce, to tell you that setting the mood is a critical part in sealing the deal. 

5 Sensual Songs to Get Her into the Mood

The trick, however, is in pulling it off. Playing the right music is extremely powerful. It creates a conversational starting point, the lyrics can be quite suggestive and, in some cases, it’s basically foreplay.

But the challenge is in identifying those magic tracks. You can’t just start playing EDM and expect it to end in some sensual lovemaking.

So without further ado, here is a list of our favorite sensual songs that’ll help you get the happy ending you’ve been looking for.


Kylie Minogue – Slow

When you name your album Body Language, there had better be some sexy tracks involved. Kylie definitely delivered it with this number, which finds her softly cooing the line, “Skip a beat and move with my body, yeah, slow.”


Beyoncé ft. Jay Z – Drunk in Love

“Pre-Lemonade, the Carters were getting hot and heavy over surfboards and champagne on ice.”
Pre-Lemonade, the Carters were getting hot and heavy over surfboards and champagne on ice.

Save this one for your serious girlfriend, not some random conquest.


Janet Jackson – That’s the Way Love Goes

With her fifth album, Janet took a step toward much more sensual territory. Led by this song, the album cemented her pop star (and sex symbol) status. And now you know why.

50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake – Ayo Technology

From Sexy Back to What Goes Around, JT has got a plethora of hits that’ll help you get your lady love slip out of her dress. But we’ve decided to go with his Ayo Technology. With great hooks and lyrics, this is definitely a track that’ll help you get down and dirty.

Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are

This song is all about simplicity. Sometimes all you need to do is just tell her how beautiful she is and that’ll do the trick. Be honest with her and let her know how amazing you find her and you’ll be surprised how many times this will work.

Sensual soundtracks are tricky. If the songs are too cheesy, the involved parties will erupt into giggle fits, ruining the mood. If they’re too fast, you risk an unmemorable and unfulfilling love session.

We hope that with our mix of downtempo jams for a slow, sensual loving and upbeat bangers for, you know, wild sex you’ll have the time of your life. You can add a bit more to the mood with a Manforce flavoured condom, which is easily available in our online condom store.

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