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July 1st, 2019

Sex Toys: Raise the bar of pleasure

Exploring new sexual realms is the chief mantra of any healthy relationship. It not only opens up new doors to experimentation but also helps in creating a stronger sexual bond.

Sex Toys: Raise the bar of pleasure

So if you’re looking for some new lusty adventures, you should begin your journey with sex toys. Introducing sex toys in your game of pleasure is a playful way to fire up your relationship.

Below are some surprising ways that can help improve your sex life while raising your bar of pleasure:


Vibrator - Add some thrill

Introducing new adventures in your bedroom triggers your brain to produce dopamine – a neurotransmitter that helps in creating sexual desire. Therefore, incorporating sex toys in bed increases your dopamine levels while enhancing your sexual experience. Sex toys such as vibrators add thrill to your sex life by opening up a gate of multiple orgasms. You can even make your man put the vibrator in your vagina for more intense orgasms. Besides, putting a condom on your vibrator prior to your steamy session not only ensures safe sex but also increase the longevity of your sex toy.


Intimate massager - Discover naughty zone

“Take time to explore the pleasure zones of your partner’s body.”
Take time to explore the pleasure zones of your partner’s body.

Your body is full of pleasure zones that have high concentration of nerve endings. These zones can contribute to sexual response, such as relaxation, sexual arousal and orgasms. When stimulated, these zones can produce erotic feelings for both you and your partner. Therefore, take time to explore these zones of your partner’s body. You can use an intimate massager on your partner’s pelvis areas as a part of the foreplay. These pelvis areas contain a large grouping of nerves that can send vibrations throughout your partner’s body, resulting in orgasmic response. Moreover, you can also use Manforce pleasure condoms to raise the bar of your pleasure.


Cock rings – pump up your performance

Long-lasting sex is the road to ultimate satisfaction. With this in mind, you can use cock rings in the bedroom to enhance your pleasure while boosting up your performance. A cock ring at the base of your penis traps the blood inside the shaft which makes your erection harder and bigger, resulting in long-lasting sex. This even helps your woman reach that big O.

How to introduce sex toys in your bedroom?

Discussing openly about your sexual fantasies with your partner is one of the best ways to incorporate sex toys in your bedroom. Sex toys allow couples to express themselves sexually and magnify their sexual pleasure. Moreover, communicating your desires with your partner is also a good way to build trust in your relationship.

When it comes to sexual intimacy, you should focus on introducing new and adventurous things in your bedroom. This will not only help you to spice up your sex life but also help you to achieve multiple orgasms.

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