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June 12th, 2019

3 Sizzling Hot Seduction Tips: How to Make Him Want You Bad?

Seduction is a subtle yet powerful art which makes the heart flutter in the garden of desires. It not only involves the fulfilment of desires but also includes the thrill of building that intense desire.

Seduction is a game that is played when you slowly draw your man in and keep him wanting for more until you have him hooked, completely.

Below are a few tips which can help you master the art of seduction and make him want you more with each passing hour:


Be Unapologetically You

Start the artwork of seduction on yourself; be confident and unapologetically you. Nothing is more seductive than a woman who confidently carries herself and knows what she wants. Maintain a body language, wear clothes that suit you, and then you can definitely own the room of his heart.


Let your Eyes do the Talking

“He’ll feel the storm of lust rising from within, making him crazy for you.”

Your eyes are the biggest weapon in the war of seduction. Therefore, let your sexy eyes do all the talking. Look deep into your man’s eyes when you talk or pass a smile to him. To add a flavour of playfulness, a wink can be more helpful. You can also make prolonged eye contact with your lover across a packed room, and then look away. This arouses his interest as he wants your attention back on him immediately. As you look into his eyes, he’ll feel the storm of lust rising from within, making him crave for you more. 


Touch him, Subtly

Touch your man in a way that can tantalize him, electrify him, and make him fantasize about you until you touch him again. You can subtly touch him with your fingers or you can lay your hand on his back or shoulder. By suddenly touching your partner, you are telling him that ‘I want you.’ This is like sweet pain for your partner as he would want you more and more throughout the day. Seduction is all about a feeling of desperation for one another. Touching him all over his body is a great way to make your man crave for you.

All women are beautiful in their own way, and every woman has her qualities and charms. So accept yourself and seduce your man with your own grace. Besides, you can take your seduction to the next level with Manforce lubricated condoms that can fill your life with pleasure and excitement.

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