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Game of Pleasure
July 19th, 2018

5 Things you should definitely try with your partner in bed

Getting naughty with their partner in bed and having the best sexual experiences lifelong is something everybody wants.  In order to spice up your sexual life and better enjoy those beautiful moments of togetherness, it is important to keep adding different flavors to romance from time to time.

5 Things you should definitely try with your partner in bed

Let us now look at some of the best things you should try with your partner in bed to keep your sexual life rocking:



Sex is more about enjoying than trying to please your partner. Quite often, couples tend to have unsynchronized sexual drives or mismatched libidos which leaves either of the partner frustrated. As a result, the obligation to please the partner takes over. Masturbating in front of one another is a great way for couples to deal with this problem. In the best case scenario, your partner might even join you in the middle allowing for greater intimacy and a better sexual experience.


Play with Your Partner’s Sensitive Areas

“Explore and play with all the sensitive areas of your partner.”
Explore and play with all the sensitive areas of your partner.

Whether it is naughty whispers in the ear or tickling on the feet, explore and play with all the sensitive areas of your partner. Slowly tease your partner in a sensual manner. In no time, you’ll realize that your partner will be longing for more.


A Chat Post Sex

Post-sex chat is one the best ways to keep things spiced up in your personal life. Talk about your future, dreams, likes, dislikes, and even the wildest fantasies you have when it comes to sex. This will only improve your relationship with your partner and can be a key player in making the upcoming sexual interactions more intimate.

Try Easy Positions

Simple is beautiful! Many a times couples tend to miss out on the most intimate moments for attempting the most difficult positions. Positions such as from behind, sitting, and face to face in bed are simple, more intimate, and highly effective in hitting the g-spot. Not only this, the easiest sex positions allow for more kissing and a great cuddle in bed afterwards.

Go for Flavored Condoms

The best flavored condoms like the Manforce flavored condoms can offer couples a better, greater and tastier oral sex experience. Vaginal sex becomes sexier when oral sex becomes tastier. Using condoms with different flavors during oral sex can be a great way to increase the intimacy between you and your partner.

While it is true that sex is one of the best feelings a person can ever have, it is important to keep things spiced up in bed to continuously enjoy a great sexual life. No one wants the sex to end. In such a case, try using the best long lasting condoms which will help you enjoy an enhanced sexual pleasure for a much longer duration.


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