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September 27th, 2019

5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

While a relationship should be gamut full of romantic dates, emotional stability, sugary texts, rainbows and butterflies, this isn’t always the case with many couples.

5 Warning Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Unfortunately, a romantic relationship can also be a breeding ground for negativity, stress, heartaches, and never-ending conflict. Such a relationship is known as a toxic relationship and can cause irrevocable damage to the sense of self.

According to Manforce Condoms, it is extremely important to identify toxic patterns in a relationship as they are harmful to one’s overall well-being. Hence, if you’re observing the following warning signs in your relationship, then it’s time to free yourself from the clutches of toxicity:


Physical and sexual abuse

Physical and sexual abuse are the most evident signs of a toxic relationship. Physical abuse involves the usage of physical force by your partner in a way that endangers you, whereas sexual abuse includes the forced participation in sexting, recording of intimate moments or unwanted sexual activity.


Witnessing the pattern of binary opposition

“When your partner constantly blames you for everything and makes it all your fault”
When your partner constantly blames you for everything and makes it all your fault

When your partner constantly blames you for everything and makes it all your fault, it is surely a warning sign of domination. Some of the other signs of domination include making decisions on your behalf, expecting you to obey without asking any questions, etc.


Dirty fights

Dirty fights wherein your partner uses fights or disagreements as an opportunity to tear you apart is a clear indication that your relationship holds no future. In such cases, it is always better to let go of your relationship and give your life a fresh start.

You can’t be yourself

Freedom is the key to a healthy relationship. But if your partner does not give you space and expects you to fit in his/her preconceived definition of a good partner, then it is a warning signal that your relationship isn’t going in the right direction.

Invading privacy

If your partner checks your phone frequently, asks for personal information like passwords of social media accounts, or invades your privacy in any way, it is definitely a sign that things can turn ugly in your relationship anytime.

How to get out of a toxic relationship?

Putting an end to any relationship is hard. However, it is better to focus on the brighter future than letting yourself rot with the remains of the past. Here are some ways that can yank you out from the grave of yesterdays:

  • Learn to love yourself
  • Talk to your support system
  • Write your heart out
  • Take care of yourself
  • Bring joy into your life

Spotting toxicity in a relationship can be hard as people often misinterpret it as passion. Therefore, identify the above-mentioned signs and eliminate toxicity from your life.

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