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April 18th, 2018

5 Ways to Become a Legend in Bed

It is human to try and be the best – whether that is at a sport, at work or in bed. 

5 Ways to Become a Legend in Bed

But things don’t always work out the way you want it to. You buy the best condoms available in India, you try new moves but you forget some of the basic things that can make your sex lives rock.

Not everyone is perfect and at Manforce Condoms, the premium condom brands in India we understand this fact. Which is why we are sharing a few very important tips and tricks with you to become a legend in bed.



Our number one tip would be consent. It is so sexy. Don’t believe us? Try asking first and once you get consent, everything gets sweeter. You earn her respect, you get extra brownie points for being a gentleman and get to unleash your moves after. Consent makes everything related to sex even more pleasurable – just don’t forget the flavoured condoms.



“Always remember that she “cums” first in bed. You can have your fun after.”
Always remember that she “cums” first in bed. You can have your fun after.

Don’t be selfish, give more and you will receive tenfold. Trust us! And remember that penetration isn’t the only way to make her orgasm, foreplay is a must. Our ribbed condom will help here too.



The one thing that can really make things steamy – Ask her to touch herself. This might sound easy but it isn’t. Your partner must be 100% comfortable with you before you go ahead and pop the request. Pay attention while she touches herself because you will understand all the erogenous areas she loves to be touched.


DON’T be in a rush. Take your time, after all you have the entire night/day/morning to yourselves. Never try and finish early, rather pleasure each other till you reach the heights of losing yourself to ecstasy. Penetration is great but teasing one another, foreplay is much better.


Get creative in bed. Throw out the old and bring in the new moves. Try something different like chocolate flavoured condoms, ribbed condoms, a nice lube perhaps to spice things up. Tried the downward doggy or the pancake? Don’t be afraid to try something new each day – only when you get consent of course.

We hope we have been able to help you become the legend you are and absolutely slay in bed. Don’t forget to try out the best Indian condom brand, Manforce Condoms and for more such information, check out our social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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