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Game of Pleasure
March 15th, 2017

5 Ways to Getting her into the Mood

A common complaint most men have about their partners is that they wish their lady would initiate sex more often, or at least that they would be more responsive to their sexual overtures. 

5 Ways to Getting her into the Mood

While a big reason for this common discrepancy is that, in general, male sexual desire is more robust and spontaneous, while female sexual desire is more variable and responsive to the environment.

Trust India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce, when we say that when it comes to lovemaking, men are mostly genitally focused, whereas for women, sex is a full mind and body experience.

To sexually motivate your girl, you have to work on making sex exciting for her so that she considers it a priority. That is why we’ve come up with this list to help you get your lady into the mood more often.


Start early

For women, seduction starts long before any clothes come off. Unlike men, they are a lot slower to warm up, so if you start their engines early and often, you’re more likely to score later.

If you want her to be in the mood later, start foreplay early. You can even start it in the morning, before you leave for work. Keep in mind that you don’t overdo it—the idea is to plant a seed in her mind and leave her wanting more, not annoy her with over-the-top romance while she’s trying to do her makeup. Keep it up throughout the day with a short, strategically timed WhatsApp messages or phone call, and by the time you get home she’ll be ready to jump you.


Pick up on her cues

“You want her to initiate sex more often? Well then, don’t shut her down when she tries”
You want her to initiate sex more often? Well then, don’t shut her down when she tries

She might be nervous that you might reject her. Women are not as used to being rejected as guys, especially when it comes to sex. Keep in mind that you do not give any indication that she needs to do better or initiate more often when she is in the middle of initiating.

In simple words when you react positively to her initiation, she’ll do it often.


Choose your battles

Arguments aren’t sexy. If you want a happy sex life, you need to learn to just let it go. To be honest many times, being right is sometimes the obstacle to being happy, and often the obstacle to romance. If you feel that there’s the potential for argument on the table, just ask yourself is it worth it?

Obviously, if you’re arguing about something important—such as your relationship—it’s another story. But if it’s just a heated discussion about politics, or world peace, or pirates versus ninjas, then giving in to her point of view, will do wonders for keeping her in the mood.

Make her pleasure a priority

Learn to be generous in bed, and you will find that sexual success is yours. Women want to feel good in bed, and when they do, they’ll want to please you—and have more sex. If you haven’t figured out what she likes in bed, you should make that a priority! It’s as simple as asking her, provided you ask her when you’re not between the sheets!

If you feel like she’s holding back, coax it out of her by opening the conversation when you’re not in bed. That way, she’ll feel like the pressure is off. Funnily, the more sex you have, the chances of having sex also rises. It’s a lot easier for her to be in the mood to initiate when sex is a regular part of your lives.

Help her de-stress

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s hard for her to get in the mood when she’s under a mountain of stress. Try and help her de-stress.

It sounds simple enough, but remember, the key is to help her de-stress in a constructive way—not just help her check off boxes on her endless to-do list. If she says she can’t relax because she has to clean the bathroom, that’s not necessarily your cue to clean the bathroom. Yes, it probably wouldn’t hurt, but once you’re done she’ll remember that she has to clean the kitchen, and so forth. It’s less about cleaning the house and more about helping her see that a clean house doesn’t need to take priority over the relationship.

So let her know — you’re happy to clean up once you’ve had some “quiet time” with her.

So the next time you feel like your partner isn’t into sex, use these 5 ideas to help get her in the mood. But keep in mind, don’t be selfish in bed and be willing to give selflessly. You’ll see just how much of a difference that can make in no time!

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