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Game of Pleasure
December 16th, 2019

5 Ways to turn up the carnal heat this winter

Winter is the sensual time of the year wherein the days and nights are filled with hickeys of passion and sexual desires. Undoubtedly, it is the best weather to fulfil your romantic fantasies with a gamut full of passion.

5 Ways to turn up the carnal heat this winter

During winter, when the waves turn cold and fog covers the roads, people often crave for warmth and closeness. So in order to beat the throes of winter, here are some effective ways that can help turn up the carnal heat in your life:


Take a hearty bath

Winter is the best time to enjoy the seductiveness of soaking in a hot tub bath. As men’s testosterone levels are higher in winter, the heat of the water becomes a delicacy and provides the perfect opportunity for an erotic climax. Run a hot bath and allow your man to sit at the edge of the tub. Then climb in facing towards your partner, kneeling with your legs on each of his sides. Now, allow your man to trace your curves of your body.


Pleasure of carnal cuddle

“Let the heat of your bodies write a beautiful love story”
Let the heat of your bodies write a beautiful love story

Cuddling is a beautiful way to warm up your relationship. The warmth of holding your partner closely will not only keep the winter blues at bay but also enhance the intimacy in your relationship. So, embrace your partner and let the heat of your bodies write a beautiful love story.


A promise of sexy massage

Giving your partner a hot oil massage is the sexiest way to turn up the heat of love in the winter. Choose an essential oil for an aphrodisiac effect and begin massaging his/her erogenous zones. Let the heat and excitement flow throughout the body along with some heated moments of naughtiness.

Get creative with sex positions

When the icy waves mingle with the heat generated by two fiery souls, sex becomes more meaningful and pleasurable. However, it is extremely important to explore different sex positions for the ultimate fun. You can explore creative sex positions such as wrapped lotus, cocooned cowgirl, etc. with stamina condoms for long lasting thrill.

Playful toys

Let the bird of your love fly this winter by experimenting with sex toys in the bedroom. Using sex toys such as vibrators and massagers can take your partner’s orgasmic explosion to the highest level. You can also blindfold your partner and titillate his/her erogenous zone for maximum pleasure.

As winter is the season of romance, love, lust, and sex, you must celebrate it with great fervour and use pleasure condoms to enjoy your steamy sessions to the fullest.

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