5 Common Misconceptions about Condoms

The last few years have been quite impressive in terms of condom use in our country. All thanks to the condom manufacturing companies, which ensure safe and satisfactory sex by offering condoms that range from flavoured to maximum pleasure condom. Yet, there are still several myths surrounding this excellent contraceptive. Here are five most common misconceptions about condoms.

  • Two is better than one: Many people believe that it is much safer to use two condoms instead of using one. Where in fact, putting on more than one condom at a time may make them less efficient. According to experts, friction from doubling up condoms can result in tearing up either of them. So, in order to ensure safe sex, it is always advisable to use just a single condom during intercourse.
  • Condoms break easily: If condoms are likely to break, they would not have been considered as one of the best contraceptives. According to experts, they are 98% effective, if used correctly. If you want to avoid this mishap, you need to put in on carefully, making sure there is no air bubble at the tip. Also, ensure that the condom does not come in contact with any sharp object like fingernails, jewellery or teeth.
  • Condoms take away pleasure: It is a very common fallacy that condoms take away all the pleasure while lovemaking. However, that is not true in most of the cases. There are maximum pleasure condoms available in the market, which can enhance the pleasure level during any sexual encounter. If you feel that the usage of the condom is taking away the pleasure, try applying a little lube on the condom to get better satisfaction.
  • Condoms cannot be used during oral sex: There is another myth that condoms are not supposed to be used during oral sex. However, it has been proved that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) like, herpes, HPV, etc. can be easily passed on during oral sex. There are various flavoured condoms available in the market, which are suitable for any oral sexual activity.
  • Condoms are expensive: Many people have this false assumption that condoms are expensive, where in reality they are the most accessible and affordable type of birth control. Moreover, you do not need a prescription to get it from a drugstore. Owing to the huge number of condom manufacturing companies in the market, the competition is pretty stiff and that is the reason why, they offer condoms at reasonable rates.

In addition to these five misbelieves, there are many others that influence the usage of condom among the masses. As the use of condoms is considered the best practice for safe sex, you should make yourself devoid of all these misleading notions and make it your best friend during any sexual affair.

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