Before and after the intercourse

Most men just go right for the good stuff, oblivious to the fact that their partner might want something else. We don’t blame them, men are just programmed that way. However, if you want to have a more enhanced sexual encounter that is more passionate and fulfilling then follow these tips so that you can truly satisfy your partner. Pleasure her first and you will be rewarded with the most mind-blowing sex you’ll ever have, because after all – You must give before you can receive.


Not being a 2 minute man

So maybe you’re not the “2 Minute Man,” but if you’re still looking for ways to have longer erections (and longer-lasting sex), you’re not alone. Sex experts agree that their duration in bed is one of the most common things men are insecure about.


How to spice things up


Spice your Sex

Maybe it’s work or kids that dominates your time, but whatever your distraction is, sex is often the thing that gets kicked to the curb in your relationship. You don’t have to let life get in the way of having the sex that you want to have, though. Make an effort to spice things up and have fun with each other in the bedroom (and elsewhere).


Importance of fulfilling your partner’s sexpectation

Being in a long-term relationship has its perks, but honestly, it has its downsides too. While it’s great to have such close intimacy with someone, sometimes, things can get a little too comfortable. And before you know it, you can find yourself having the obligatory once-a-week sex, just before you both roll over and go to sleep.


Planning those surprising sexual encounters

Positive sexual anticipation is one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs you will ever come across. On the other hand, negative sexual anticipation is also as powerful and will zap any sexual spark in a nanosecond.


Being adventurous: Your Bedroom Bucket List

50 Shades of Grey was popular amongst married couples for a reason — but you don’t have to be dominated or use sex toys to be more adventurous in bed. If you still want to dip your toe into the more adventurous side of the bedroom without diving head-first into BDSM, you can. Here’s how.

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Love making mistakes men make and how to avoid them

When you’re about to make love to your partner, the last thing you want to do is to turn her off. Unfortunately, many men not only make mistakes, but are blissfully unaware of the mistakes they make in bed. That is where India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce, comes in. We’re always going to be there to answer all the questions you might have, about the area in your life that you might be too shy to ask about.


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15 Sex Tips to make her go Ga-Ga

So, you’re tired of the same old boring “romp in the sack”? Thought you knew every trick in the book to get your partner going, but it still doesn’t seem to be working? Well India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce, has got the answers to all your problems.

We’ve come up with 15 tips that will help you reach superhero status in her eyes! Practice these tips and add to your prowess.


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10 Movie Love Making Scenes You Need to Watch Today

Cinema has been around for more than a century, and in that time, it has produced some truly steamy lovemaking scenes. And while, as with everything else, the movie industry is guilty of glamorizing sex, we have to admit that there are some lovemaking scenes that are totally unforgettable.

India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce, has come up with a list of the top 10 scenes from movie history that you need to watch. By yourself, or with your partner. You can even try to recreate them!


5 Sensual Songs to Get Her into the Mood-01

5 Sensual Songs to Get Her into the Mood

We bet you don’t need India’s biggest condom brand, Manforce, to tell you that setting the mood is a critical part in sealing the deal. The trick, however, is in pulling it off. Playing the right music is extremely powerful. It creates a conversational starting point, the lyrics can be quite suggestive and, in some cases, it’s basically foreplay.


17 of the Best Role plays you should Try in Bed

Ask any long time couple and they’ll tell you that it’s easy for couples to fall into a predictable routine in their intimate lives: convenience, lack of time or just force of habit are the main culprits for taking the sizzle out of sex.



More often than expected, our minds float away to a distant paradise in which we are destined to make love in. Sometimes secluded and otherwise packed with people, these places leave such a beautiful impact on us that we immediately want to pack our bags and other vital accessories to begin the fun of ‘Doing It’ in new magical places.



It is human to try and be the best – whether that is at a sport, at work or in bed. But things don’t always work out the way you want it to. You buy the best condoms available, you try new moves but you forget some of the basic things that can make your sex lives rock.



Sex can be quite the task and a daunting one at that when it’s your first time. There are several questions running through your mind which include where to start, how to start, what to do, which flavoured condoms to use etc. Is foreplay a necessary (it definitely is)? Should you use ribbed condoms or dotted condoms?