How to spice things up

Spice your Sex

Maybe it’s work or kids that dominate your time, but whatever your distraction is, sex is often the thing that gets kicked to the curb in your relationship. You don’t have to let life get in the way of having the sex that you want to have, though. Make an effort to spice things up and have fun with each other in the bedroom (and elsewhere). Here are a few pointers to reboot your lovemaking.


Role Play

Dressing up as someone else is an easy way to enact your secret fantasies without having an affair. Try being a nurse and a patient, a secretary or even an airhostess and a passenger. For that extra kick, add dotted condoms to the equation, available at our online condom store.


Have an Affair

With Your Partner. Plan a date with each other and pretend like the two of you are strangers. You’ll never realize how sexy it feels until you try it. Meet each other in a restaurant and seduce each other like two lusty lovers. Book a hotel and for that extra intensity, use the Manforce flavoured condoms available in exciting flavours like strawberry or grapes.

Dabble in BDSM

Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, BDSM has blown up and made it into even some of the most conservative bedrooms. Bring it into yours by using scarves and ties to blindfold and bind your partner and ice to torture and tease them. Need more? Simply grab a belt! Be sure to have a safe word and a strong understanding of sexual limits though. Just to help you be a bit more naughty, our ever-popular chocolate flavoured condoms.


Take it Elsewhere

There’s no reason to limit your love making to the bedroom. Sure, you might have kids, but you can make it happen in other places without them knowing. Get it in the shower or even the back yard. Then there is the age old favourite – the car. Other places where you can get hot and heavy are elevators (provided there are no cameras), during a family get-together you could sneak off to a private bathroom for a heated quickie.


Include Erotica

Consider watching a few naughty videos together if you need a little inspiration. Pick out a movie with a theme you would like to try or with a few positions or acts you’re a little apprehensive about doing. Watching adult videos with your partner is a great way to segue into sexy time as well as get comfortable with different aspects of sex.

Sexual Setting

Use fragrances and candles and the perfect cushions to make lovemaking feel like a sexy luxury. Play some soft music to set the tone and open up a bottle of wine or champagne to loosen up. Gift your partner some sexy lingerie and heels, then ask her to wear them. For the final surprise, open up a packet of Manforce and let us help you take your lovemaking to another level.


Talk dirty to me

Talking dirty has turned people on for millennia. Spoken word evokes emotions, sensations and blood flow to various regions, depending on the topic.

Talking dirty is, however, an art form and when done badly can result in fits of giggles (which, let’s face it, isn’t quite the goal here). But don’t let this deter you. And just incase it doesn’t work, always carry a packet of our popular dotted condoms.


Master and Slave

The master and slave scenario (or mistress and slave scenario) is one that many find to be incredibly hot and kinky. And it’s pretty simple too! One of you is going to be in charge calling all the shots, while the other is the slave who will have to follow all the orders. The orders can range from kissing the feet to spanking (lightly!). On this note you should also master the art of how to use the condom properly.

Your sex life is an important part of your relationship. Boredom in the bedroom is a bad thing for you and your relationship. Manforce has a variety of products to get some spice in your sex life and ignite your relationship in new ways.