Birth Control Without condoms

Is it safe to use Birth Control without Condoms?

You certainly want to be doubly assured, whether safeguarding your valuables or safeguarding yourself against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Many people usually ask this question – if they still need to use condom while the female partner is already having contraception pills. The very authentic answer to this is – Yes.

All methods of contraception are able to prevent pregnancy; however, some are more effective than the others. Choosing one among the two methods is solely dependent upon you and your partner’s need. It is a call whether you want to give protection the first priority.

If you think of going for the best of the two, then there is none. This is because, the success rate of contraception pills is 92%. This means, 8 out of the 100 sexually active females still become pregnant, even after properly taking birth control pills. Also, contraception pills do not safeguard against diseases and infections.

On the other hand, using a condom will definitely protect you in various cases, such as taking the pill late or even missing it, which usually happens. Using a condom is like adding another layer of protection. It not only protects you from unwanted pregnancy, but protects both the partners from potential sexual infection and diseases.

In this regard, there is no case of “either… or…”. If you want to rest assured and avoid painful, stressful and pricy scissor and needle method of birth control, then wearing a condom is the safest option.

Also, many couples do away with using condoms for their argument that it affects the kind of sexual pleasure they enjoy without it. For such arguments and for such couples, Manforce extra time condoms are the best answers. Perhaps, they are yet to witness that level of sexual pleasure that they can experience with Manforce extra time condoms on.

To conclude, the question now does not at all revolve around which one to opt for among the two options. Rather, it becomes essential for safety-conscious, caring and sexually responsible couples to add that extra layer of protection.

So, use a condom – play safe, play more and stay protected.


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