Use of Condoms in Rural Area

Are People in Rural India Educated About Condoms?

Unfortunately, the awareness of condoms in rural parts of India is not very high. As per estimates, India’s population, currently at 1.32 billion could well surpass China’s 1.37 million in six years. Where the overall usage of condoms in European countries is around 30%, India has a mere 6% even with a high number of HIV cases prevailing in the country.
Despite several full-fledged campaigns and programs run by both government and condom manufacturers, statistics show a decline in the use of condoms by as much as 52% in less than a decade. Apart from condoms, the usage of oral birth-control pills and vasectomies have also considerably reduced.
Why is it so? Almost 70% of India’s population belongs to the rural areas where the illiteracy rate is still very high. Sex is never a part of open discussion and pre-marital sex is still considered a taboo by the elderly. While lack of privacy at medical stores have greatly affected the use of condoms in urban areas, the rural parts of India have been hit even harder.
Social stigma is also cited as a big reason for the lack of condom use in rural India. People are embarrassed to talk about condoms, and more to use them. The other major problem with even the educated class in rural India is that the elder people in their family strongly disapprove the use of condoms. According to them, condom usage makes them less manly.
As per a research carried out by Indian Journal of Medical Research, a large number of Indian men feel sexually dissatisfied while using condoms during intercourse. The case is worse in the rural parts of the country. Even if they use condoms under the influence of government campaigns, they never use them again. Using condoms also hurts the sentiments of many people who find that their use is going against the nature’s call.
Education leads to awareness. Running more rigorous campaigns for condom use and high literacy rates in rural areas are imperative for increasing their acceptance and usage in these areas. The recent success of government’s initiative for online ordering of condoms proves that embarrassment is a big factor for people not using them regularly. It also shows that there is a lot of scope of making people aware about the benefits of their use.
The use of condoms prevents HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Understanding their importance will lead to a healthier India.

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