Trick or treat – The art of teasing

Women love it when a guy is able to maintain sexual control and heighten her sexual experience to depths unknown to her before. In order to perform this task, however, you have to have a great amount of self-control. If your mindset is to drive her mad with passion, then that’s what you will end up doing. What you do need is a vivid imagination and the will to get your way. Here’s how.


Bite Her Lip

When both of your clothes are still on and you’re kissing in the bedroom, bite her bottom lip slowly and hold on to it for a couple of seconds. Be VERY gentle, the softer you can do this the more passionate it will feel and the more turned on she will become.


Kiss Her Neck (And her earlobes)

Move from her lips on her cheek and then onto her neck and earlobes. Both licking and kissing at the same time. The earlobes are very sensitive so, spend a minute on those before going back to the next.

Tickle Her Back

Whilst you’re kissing her, use both hands to tickle her back (over her clothes) then put your hands directly under her top. Lightly scratch her back whilst still kissing her… this will make her shiver a little.

With either hand, gently and slowly unclasp her bra (if you can do it with one hand it looks much better). If you can’t undo a bra, then start practicing bro!


Be Firm

Every now and again you need to mix the teasing up with being both firm AND gentle, so she doesn’t know what’s coming next (this will spice things up in no time).

Grab her hands, lay her down on the bed and put her arms above her head. If she struggles then hold her arms and slowly run your hands down her arms, kissing her all the way down to her belly button.

Don’t Be Predictable

Stop going straight for the boobs and down there, that’s not teasing, it’s just being predictable. Only go for the boobs when her top is off and you’ve kiss her neck, chest and stomach.

When you start kissing her boobs, always kiss around the nipples first on either side, and then look up at her as you FINALLY lick her nipples. If she makes any noise, that’s a great sign.

You can also gently bite one nipple with the lightest of bites and twiddle the other one, giving her double the pleasure, heck throw in a pinch if you want and gauge her reaction to everything so you can see what’s best.


Bottom to Top

With her top and bra removed, the only things left are her skivvies (and jeans or whatever she’s wearing). Go back up to her head and kiss her again, working your way down past the boobs and stomach, then hover over her vagina.

Slowly remove her jeans or whatever she has on (and also her knickers), then begin kissing from her left (or right) foot all the way up her leg. Take a good 2 to 3 minutes per leg, because she’ll be getting so turned on by this point, she’ll be ready to eat you up.

Once you’ve done the first leg and you’re back near her “female-part,” brush your lips over her little lady garden making sure you breathe heavily on her along the way.
Start again on the other foot and work your way up. Once you’ve reached her vagina again, she’ll be more than ready to give you your reward.

Try and include whipped cream and chocolate and a Manforce flavored condom during the teasing and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!