Better Condom Experience

Want the Better Condom Experience? Better Know Your Size

One of the reasons why many people hate using condoms during intercourse is imperfect size of the condom. Like using a condom is a guarantee for a safe and hygienic sexual life, knowing the right size is the key to increasing the quantum of the experience. For say, you have a great inclination towards flavoured condoms, then it is equally essential to know your size.

Different condom manufacturers follow different standards. This means, what is large for one brand may be regular for another. So, how would you be sure about your size?

Well, you do not have to be a great Mathematician to calculate the right size. All you need is a ruler or a measuring tape, string and your fully erect penis.

The need of a fully erect penis

Unless you achieve this goal, proper measurement cannot be taken. A saggy penis would not give you accurate size of the condom that will slip well on it. So, as soon as you achieve the milestone, proceed to the next step.

Measuring the penis length

Use the ruler or the measuring tape to find out the length. Position the ruler right at the base of your penis. Make sure that you feel the touch of the ruler on the pubic bone as fat deposition in this area can hide the length. Check the exact length of your penis from its base up to the tip. Note down on a piece of paper and label it.

Finding the width of the penis

In this step, you need some basic geometry! To find the width, first, you need to find the girth measurement or the circumference of your penis. Importantly, you still have to maintain the same erection to get the perfect measurement. Wrap the string just once around the thickest part of your penis. Mark the point where the string meets with the starting point. Then, measure the distance of this section and that is actually the girth or the circumference of your penis. You can measure it with a soft measuring tape as well. To get the width, just divide the girth measurement by the value of “pi”, i.e. 3.14.

Discovering the mystery

Now, is the time to relax and compare the size with standards. An average penis size when fully erect measures 5.5 to 6.3 inches in length and erection has the length 1.4 to 1.6 inches in diameter. Take this as a standard and compare your size. If your penis size is around this range, go for a standard size condom or accordingly go for a large or small size condom.

After you have found the right size of condom, you will be able to witness the better condom experience.

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